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International authors turn to Canada for better book self-publishing

Self-publishing your book is a huge deal. Consequently, every writer who is seeking to self-publish must first seek out authentic self-publishing companies who are genuinely interested in publishing great and marketable books.  In recent times, many self-publishing service providers have st ...


Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Are you an aspiring author? Have you been waiting for years to get published? Have traditional publishers been ignoring you and your work? Self-publishing is a service that offers you a refuge and a chance to make a name for yourself on your own terms. Aspiring authors are often faced with the real ...


12 Valuable marketing Statistics About How Generations Use Technology

By now, you probably already know about the importance of identifying who exactly you should be marketing your business to. This is essential to ensuring that your marketing budget doesn’t go down the drain. The more targeted your efforts, the more profitable they will be. You have ...


Ottawa Book Expo Champions Food Drive for City's Hungry

Most of us are naturally inclined to value bonds to other human beings and are willing to sacrifice our abundant resources for the benefit of those who do not have so much. So why don’t you channel this innate kindness towards the Ottawa Book Expo, coming up on the 20th of October 2019? The Ex ...


Book Review: The Wall by John Lanchester

John Lanchester's The Wall. This dystopian novel pictures a future where what remains of England is protected by the ’National Coastal Defence Structure’ commonly referred to as ‘the Wall’. This massive concrete erection is a bulwark designed to protect against encro ...


Book Review: Writing the Country by Griffith Review

Griffith Review Edition 63: Writing the Country. In partnership with the Maclean Foundation and Nature Conservancy, Griffith Review’s 63rd publication, Writing the Country, shows us new ways to explore Australia through writing. The word of the day here is Anthropocene, used to describe our ...


'The Raven Tower' Rises From Shakespearean Foundations

"Here is a story I have heard." In the city of Vastai in the country of Iraden is the Raven Tower, ruled by the Raven's Lease — whose life is forfeit to the god in exchange for such favor — and the Mother of the Silent, human interpreter of the forest god outside the g ...


What Top-Selling Self-Published Authors Do To Make Sales

As many authors will tell you, writing the book is only the first step. Because the marketing is what really counts when it comes to selling your first self-published book. And it is never wise to go it alone. Because if you don’t get some kind of help to market your book, you may think th ...



Social networking helps in supplying the entrepreneurs using insight into demographics in addition to the psychographic information of their audience. Additionally, it aids in functioning as a focus group on subjects that may be applicable to virtually anything. This information offered from the soc ...


Best Strategies to Get Ig LIkes On You Instagram Post

Instagram has confronted considerable growth concerning popularity in the past several decades. Considering there are a great number of approaches to promote an enterprise, it's no real Ig likes surprise that it gained a lot of attention and love with billions of users across the entire world. For ...


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