Book Self-Publishing Roadmap


Our comprehensive approach to book self-publishing and marketing

Our book self-publishing and marketing services incorporates the following twenty critical steps / options designed to support your success as an author:

  1. Manuscript evaluation
  2. Front book cover design (Pre-marketing)
  3. ISBN registration
  4. Books-In-Print registration (Pre-marketing)
  5. Book website or author blog (Pre-marketing)
  6. Copy editing OR Substantive Editing OR Ghostwriting
  7. Professional typesetting - designing internal pages - paperback
  8. Ebook formatting (Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Smashwords)
  9. Completing book cover design (spine and back)
  10. Author interview with videographer (preview of upcoming book)
  11. Specimen copy of book (reviewing typesetting)
  12. Printing and/or Ebook publishing
  13. Book distribution considerations
  14. Getting book(s) available on online booksellers or bricks-and-mortar stores;
  15. News release writing & publishing onto various news sites
  16. Writing and publishing high quality and Google trending newspaper-style articles
  17. Marketing and selling your book(s) through our book expos like Ottawa Book Expo - includes interview with a journalist for our YouTube Channel
  18. Authors readings
  19. Promotional options like our Book Expo America shared authors' booth;
  20. Interviews with bloggers and/or television or radio news reporters