Troll Cat Comics (Paperback)

ISBN : 978-1-927538-58-6

Courtesy of Nikki Diamond-Christudas

Short Description:

Troll Cat comic book features wry and witty musings of chubby daredevil bad cat. Trollcat is basically at odds with the realities of life, so he's grouchy unless he gets his way, or wins the game. But he gets too unscrupulous and his house of card tricks falls apart. Will he stop trolling? You be the judge of his jokes and get ready to be cat-tivated against your principles!  

Long Description:

Make no mistake, Trollcat's going against all odds! -- He's grappling with the realities of life and he's grouchy unless he gets his way the bank machine ATM/ABM or the local famous all-Canadian (NOT!) do----nut shop. It's time to see just how far Trollcat tests his ho-hum mustachioed owner. And just who's this bossy woman with ( the thick glasses? Was she too strict with Trollcat? Is that why Trollcat went over the top? What goes on inside the man with the moustache's mind? Will wife with the glasses seek revenge?

But Trollcat and his ridiculous gang of wild Canadian animals are gonna get more unscrupulous! ( ) Well, you know. Life in Ontario, Canada gets hard, with the freezing winters, endless construction and deforestation... Out East, in Nova Scotia, you can live in your car or trailer park ''house'' but rent and ELECTRICITY in Ontario, ouch, you may as well go live in a tree, if you're small and furry, that is... But what if Trollcat's house of cardtricks fall apart? Will he stop trolling? Hahaha, not if he's hungry and, er...thirsty...for more mischief!