The Quantuum Effect: Saving our environment by changing the measurement of economic performance

ISBN : 978-1-927538-50-0

In spite of widespread support for environmental protection,the destruction of our planet continues to worsen. But in the fight against climate change, one key factor is often overlooked: our current measurements of economic performance. Rooted in market-based capitalism, these indicators encourage those in power to strive for numerical “success”at the cost of environmental protection and quality of life.

In The Quantuum Effect, 25-year veteran investigative journalist, researcher, and former government advisor Peter Tremblay proposes a new measurement of economic performance—one which promotes environmental protection instead of exploitation and destruction.

Drawing on his background in environmental studies and his years of advising government on environmental protection and planning, Tremblay challenges the validity of the current sustainable development prism, which fails to challenge capitalism as the root cause of environmental destruction. He urges the replacement of market-based capitalism with a revised way of thinking that holds environmental protection as an integral objective with inherent value, sparking gravely needed public discussion on a new way of conceiving economic development and the global economy.