The Essential Kama Sutra

ISBN : 1898998671, 2003

Book description:

At last: a version of the 'Kama Sutra' that shows sex the way it really is. In this beautiful, sumptuous edition of the classic text by Vatsyayana,translated by the famous traveller and scholar, Sir Richard Burton, there are images that will delight and astonish the reader. Designed with both connoisseurs of erotic art and sophisticated, sexually aware couples in mind, 'The Essential Kama Sutra' is a radical new take on the most famous sex manual ever created. This is a thrilling and innovative break-through in erotic publishing!

  • "Not sterile like so many other sex manuals. Brings out the 'animal' aspects of sexuality, with all its juiciness and raunchiness." -- sex therapist Dee McDonald.
  • A new, arousing take on this classic sex manual in all its rich diversity.
  • Join Sally and John in their exploration of these thrilling positions and hear what they have to say about them.
  • The perfect book to enrich your sex life and increase intimacy with your partner.
  • Follow Sir Richard Burton's superb Victorian translation both in beautiful, artistic illustration and exquisite photography.
  • An exhaustive survey of sexual variations, positively encyclopaedic in its explicit depiction of lusty sex; such a cornucopia is fantastic value.

No other Kama Sutra will give you half as much...

This is a 'Kama Sutra' unlike any other. The Erotic Print Society has taken the 'sexy part' of this venerable Indian lifestyle text and examined it in detail. We've made it easy to understand by in-depth explanations and commentaries on the text, a visual feast of artwork and illustrations by great erotic artists, and explicit, yet 'human' photographs. And there are the very real opinions of two who have actually 'test-driven' the positions