Life, Money & Illusion: Living On Earth As If We Want To Stay

Book description:

"Life, Money & Illusion" explains the odd situation whereby our biggest problems result from our size, (depletion of natural resources; conflict over remaining supplies; and pollution from expanding consumption), yet, governments and industry strive for ever more expansion. In addition to showing how this situation came about, "Life, Money & Illusion" identifies the direction in which a stable relationship with our finite planet can be found, and identifies numerous ways for moving in that direction.

In the title, "Life" refers to the biological processes by which living things maintain themselves over time; "Money" refers to the present economic ideology that says that as long as the volume of money changing hands increases, all will be well. "Illusion" refers to the fact that these two perspectives are directly opposed in terms of how they would solve current problems.

"Life, Money & Illusion" introduces the "Question of Direction" by which we can determine the direction that will offer our childrens' children the most promising future.

Subject areas:

1. Human ecology. 
2. Economic policy. 
3. Sustainable development.