Global Warming And The Disciples Of The Anti-christ

ISBN : 1897318901, JULY 2006

Book description:

Humanity's current reckless descent into self-destruction via Global Warming is being executed under the apparent auspices of elites who embrace an apparent cult-like pseudo-religion of "Anti-Christianity". This could very well be the most insightful and illuminating book on the lack of a urgent response to on the on-going worsening catastrophe of Global Warming, in spite of the well-documented scientific evidence, which was further revealed by former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore's critically acclaimed film 'An Inconvenient Truth'. This succinct book provides a Canadian perspective on Global Warming, which will hopefully re-inspire a vital environmental consciousness in Canada, and internationally.


Global Warming reveals that Stephen Harper and George Bush are not Christians

by Pastor John, International Affairs Columnist The Canadian National Newspaper

Humanity faces a worsening disaster that threatens to accelerate into a horrific catastrophe of truly monumental proportions. This particular threat that I am referring to, is Global Warming. The question that many people may ask is, how, did humanity get to such a crisis stage on planet Earth. Of course, it is perhaps easy to blame "benign" oversights by policy makers, who are "blindly" pre-occupied with economic growth at the expense of environmental protection. However, what is rather bazaar is governments like the United States that refuse to substantively modify Global Warming related activity. Indeed, the Bush administration is aware of Global Warming, and apparently has chosen to do nothing. In Canada, Stephen Harper's minority government with ideological ties to the Bush administration, has refused to affirm the integrity of the Kyoto Protocol.

An actual Christian-inspired political leadership would not prevail over the destruction of planet Earth from Global Warming. Christianity is an apparent "neo-conservative" public relations facade and ruse.

Notably, both the Bush administration in the United States and the Harper minority government in Canada, have presented to their respective societies, "Christian" professings. However, isn't it true that Christians believe that G-d created the Universe, the Heavens, the Earth, and all its living creatures? Now think for a moment. Theoretically, shouldn't such supposedly "Christian" inspired governments be the greatest champions of safeguarding the planet from the devastating effects of Global Warming. It is furthermore astonishing the extent to which these supposedly "Christian" inspired political constellations are presiding over the wilful destruction of planet Earth.

The Bible does, however, present critical insight into the apparent contradiction between the "Christian" professings of the Bush administration, and of that administration's "branch plant operatives" represented in the Harper minority government. Matthew 7:16 of the King James Version of the Bible expresses that "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

The implication of Matthews 7:16 is to appreciate the values of someone, and of an organization, not by their public relations statement; but by their actions. The teachings of Jesus relied on the expression of deeds, which consistently affirmed respect for each other, and for the planet that nourishes life, along with having values of lovingkindness in general, human rights, social justice against oppression, and peace in the world. The absolute and total negligence by the neo-conservative governments in Canada and the United States on Global Warming, proves beyond a reasonable doubt, that these governments are not inspired by the Bible of Christianity. It further proves that Christianity to "neo-conservatives" who have been frequently been identified as the "Christian Right", is little more than a ruse.

Christianity as directly inspired by Jesus, is an inherently progressive; and no group can credibly claim to be Christian while presiding over Global Warming. Such a group in Canada and the United States, could be viewed to be what the Bible referred to as "wolves in sheep clothing". The "neo-conservatives" in the U.S. and Canada who preside over the destruction of planet Earth via Global Warming represent a 'Cult' that does not appear to revere what G-d has supposedly created. Instead "neo-conservatives" worship and pursue Mammon in their greed driven pursuit of Oil Wars, and in the theft of other "resources" for the self-absorbed materialistic endeavours of "the rich" irrespective of social and environmental costs.

Leo Strauss has been recognized as the founder of the "neo-conservative" movement in the United States. He was a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, who incredulously idolized Nazism. The diatribes that neo-conservatives have against liberals are "Straussian" in origin. Strauss perceived the Nazi state, as an instrument to save the world from "liberalism". Strauss perceived that liberal values in fact included lovingkindness, human rights, social justice, and peace, and other values that Jesus embraced, as "weakening" society. Strauss also deplored such values as 'multiculturalism' . In his view, society need the kind of "strong" leadership which Adolf Hitler attempted to provide, guided by "great myths", that may be used to bring a society together.

"Myth-making" Nazi techniques include the Great Lie, deception, along with militarism. Strauss embraced the proto-Nazi philosophy of Frederich Nietzche, who hated Jesus and the enlightened values that Jesus inspired in the West. Author Travis J. Denneson stipulates that "In a Nietzsche book, The Antichrist, he set out to denounce and illegitimate not only Christianity itself as a belief and a practice, but also the ethical-moral value system which modern western civilization has inherited from it.

It is apparent that the professed "Christianity" of "neo-conservatives" is consistent with being some kind of ingenious Straussian ruse. Indeed, neo-conservative ideas emerged from a Nietzchian "Cult of the Anti-Christ". Neo-conservative negligence on Global Warming, as well as ignoring the plight of the poor, as supporting war over peace; ignorance over enlightenment; and commercial profit over saving lives from illnesses and genocide, is perfectly consistent with the Mammonistic prejudices of Leo Strauss as the credited founder of neo-conservatism. Neo-conservatives are a commercially wealthy clique of capitalists, who have used their access to the purchasing power of money, to co-opt and attempt to re-construct Christianity in their own bleak draconian image that now presides over the destruction of planet Earth.

While Jesus sought peace, "neo-conservatives" seek to construct a Mammonistic "Cult of Anti-Christianity", that thrives on creating social Chaos (and profitable profit opportunities), in their quest for a New World Order. Well, how does Global Warming fit into all this Anti-Christ stuff, you might wonder? A cult of "Anti-Christians" does not refer to a 'secular group that "does not believe in G-d", or that Jesus is the Son of G-d. An Anti-Christ cult herein is being referred to as "a religious group that would believe that G-d indeed created the Universe, the Heavens, and the Earth. This cult seeks to purposefully destroy what they believe G-d as their "rival" has created." Accordingly these "Anti-Christians", actually embrace "Anti-Gospels".

Straussian "neo-conservatives" have ingeniously sabotaged the integrity of Christianity, by using money to compromise the activities and the priorities of the Churches, in the same way that they have sabotaged the integrity of political parties. This destruction includes 'Republicans' in the United States, which had been a different party in American history, and it also in Canada includes the former Progressive Conservative Party, that had been against "Straussianism".

"Anti-Christians" are fanatics who would therefore seek to "undo" in their apparent view, the 'Book of Genesis', by "watching the world destroy itself" toward the establishment of the domain of absolutism that they seek. Humans are born with a sense of beauty and awe at the majesty of the environment that substantive Christians believe was created by G-d. Humans are born with a sense of indignation at seeing destroyed parts of the environment, that they are linked with spiritually. These same humans express empathy for other humans who suffer; and for example, decry that Polar Bears in Canada's Arctic may become extinct. Environmental activists are people who are spiritually inspired by this human spiritual connectiveness, and who are prepared to work toward specific political action, as part of their expression of Consciousness.

The followers of the Straussian "Cult of Mammon", see themselves as having "matured' from such an affinity to Nature as such, other than as a means of pursuing insatiable commercial profit, status and power. The Straussians do not worship G-d, but instead, see themselves as being descendants to "Teutonic gods" like the Nazis, who must "tame nature", created by a "flawed G-d", and a "flawed Son of G-d", and who must suppress "mis-guided disciples" that have led to "disorderly society". Straussians embrace "the values of empire" that established "Order" in the former imperiums of Egypt, Rome, Tartarian Mongolia, (that came before the creation of Nazi Germany). Leo Strauss thought that by specifically "taking away anti-Semitic feature of Nazism", with the tactic of cleverly using Christian "myth" and ceremonies to control the masses (like the Roman Empire), would create the "perfect form of Nazism". He envisioned this "perfected Nazism" inspired in part by Nietzsche book, The Antichrist, would be in the guise of a "neo-Conservative" "Christian" Right.

In their pursuit of a "Globalized New World Order", "Anti-Christians" seek to support a "creative Chaos" in their own apparent view, which will lead to a 'Brave New World'. In this "Brave New World", rising oceans will "wash away" the "inferior races" which the Nazi sought to exterminate. And, only the "the fittest will survive", "as it was meant to be", under the determination of a military-industrial complex, that rations even scarcer resources. This seems 'crazy', until one reads and appreciates the fanatical cult writings of Straussian neo-conservative ideologues, and also their philosophical representations, that are somewhat reminiscent of David Koresh's apocalyptical Davidians, but which are however more schooled. The "Cult of Mammon" views their conquest over what the masses popularly view to be "Christianity" as part of a process of "replacing a societally mis-directing Christianity". The Cult of Mammon presides over Global Warming, in particular, so that its devastating effects will destroy world ecosystems, and the independence of 'population groups', alongside with worsening strife.

Notwithstanding the rather warped notions of economic development that have existed under European colonialization, any rational government, that has received the kind of findings, which are presented by learned groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, would at least seek to substantively achieve the relatively modest objectives of Kyoto Protocols. A rational government would galvanize policies that would complement the desire to safeguard the protection of the Earth that Christians, aboriginal peoples, Buddhists, Hindus, and other religious groups who believe in G-d as the 'Creator' view as sacred. Accordingly, to the extent that governments of the U.S., and Canada, ignore redressing the well-documented scientific evidence on Global Warming, these prevailing governments are also guided by a parallel "irrationality", that had been displayed by an apparent apocalyptic mindset like that of the Waco Davidians. The 'Cult of Mammon' parasitically seeks worsening strife, in order to legitimate the imposition of its needed "Order" through fascist control. Indeed, this is exactly how the so-called "War on Terrorism" has proceeded, in its legitimizing of undermining human rights based upon scripted villains. The 'Cult of Mammon' therefore seeks to create a dependency on fascist order, by allowing the planet and constituent societies to "go to Hell". In the view of the "Cult of Mammon", G-d "erred" in creating a 'Paradise of Eden' in the Book of Genesis, which made humankind into a "weakened race". Therefore, Global Warming will serve to correct the "errors" made by G-d, in creating a world of "liberal promiscuity" without "Order", that must instead be ruled by "wise men". Yes, it is reported that Straussians, comprise a sexist clique of predominately men, who are from "privileged racial stock and wealth".

Humanity's fate relies, in part, on saving itself from Global Warming, by re-affirming the very enlightened spiritual values which the Bible and other religious texts express. These are the values which Straussians have sought to destroy toward their pursuit of a "New World Order" that is being executed under the mantra of Corporate "Globalization".

Christians and other responsible members of society in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere, must evolve from the prevailing prism that is conditioned by a "Cult of Mammon" in order to save the planet, before it is too late. It is not necessary for policy makers to become "true disciples of Jesus", or a corresponding faith, that is the opposite of the apparent prevailing Straussian cult. However, it is vital that societies appreciate the kind of general utopian wisdoms that religious texts have expressed. Societies needs to re- cultivate and foster, the kind of enlightened spiritually inspired wisdoms and strategies that complement vital respect for ecosystems, along with related areas of social justice.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that neo-conservatives prevail over a Global Warming that neither has anything to do with reverence for the Bible, nor respect for any form of science, that does not immediately serve their apparent desire to fulfill their sought "New World Order".