Book Publishing: Writers Get Evaluations toward Mass-Marketability

A lot of independent writers always find it extremely difficult in their quest to get their books distributed and in turn leads to a little number of their books getting sold. The most that majority of these writers can sell are in the area of 50 to 100 copies. This is all down to lack of proper evaluation on books by individual writers.  It is a known fact that when a book is well evaluated, a writer increases his or her chances of getting more copies of that book sold.

If you fall within the category of self-published writers who are unable to get more copies of their book sold and always struggle to even get 50 copies distributed then it is about time you seek for the book evaluation services provided by provides you with quality evaluations of your book that will go a long way in helping you sell more copies. One very important thing that has been destroying the writing careers of most upcoming authors has to do with not having professionals to tell them what they did right or wrong. As a result a lot of these individual writers simply get their books out without any form of professional critiquing and the outcome has always been the same which is total failure. It is for this reason that provides its unique book evaluating services to writers in order to ensure that these writers meet the distribution goals they have set. has a team of professionals who conduct a critical evaluation of a particular book and does everything possible to get back to the author of the book as soon as they are done with the evaluation exercise. After this, will let the already self-published writer know what he or she did wrong and what should be done in order to boost the mass marketability of his or her book. However, if you are a writer who has not yet gotten your book out, then the time is perfect for you to seek out the evaluation services of as that will help you in realising all your strengths and weaknesses with regards to getting your book out.

The best part of going with the evaluation services provided by is that, a writer has to only pay a fee of $400.00 for a single book. You can contact at for more information.