Book Publishers Get New Distribution Support – Boost Sales Internationally

Being a book distributor can be very demanding and tricky for you and it is not surprising to find out that due to poor book marketing techniques authors lose a lot of money which should have been their profit. If you are a book distributor who seeks to make use of the easiest and simplest way of expanding your book sales then your best shot is with is an organization that has been in existence for well over 18 years after its establishment in the year 1997. This is an agency that always puts the needs of its clients on top of whatever it does and always makes sure that each and every client gets assisted in the best possible way. is inviting all book distributors who wish to boost their sales to try out their book distributing services for a fee that is the cheapest when compared to other service providers. Agora Books based in Ottawa, Canada provides the kind of marketing support for both Canadian and international book publishers that cannot be realised at most of the similar service providers. With other book publishing agencies, the issue of boosting the sales of a book is solely left for the author to do but that is not the case when an author seeks the services of boasts of having professionally trained marketing team that critically analyze books individually in order to come out with the best ways of boosting sales. At Agora Books, the range of marketing techniques that can be used to boost sales of books include the organising of Book Fairs, Book Websites, Author Blogs and high quality video interviews that are posted on their YouTube channel. The best strategies that can guarantee a book positive publicity are always used by

With most of the book publishers, a particular book is only available to people living in a certain country or continent. However, makes sure that authors are able to get their books publicised in every single continent. This helps in getting a lot of people to be aware of the book which in turn directly impacts the sale of that particular book in a very positive way.

To get your books distributed by, click the following link and complete the online form provided there – Completing the online form makes you eligible to receive a distribution agreement in which you will be expected to send at least three samples of each title that you wish to get further distributed and sold both in Canada and on the international market.

Unlike most of the book distribution service providers all over the world who are only interested in the profit that they will make from an author, seeks to ensure that an author gets to boost his or her book sales without being interested in what they can get from the deal. This is why charges a one-time fee of $500 from an author before rendering its high quality services which means that after such a payment has been made, an author will not be asked for any other additional payments again.

So instead of going in for the services of a book distributing agency that is of a very low quality and charges very exorbitant fees for the services that they render, give the chance to provide far better services at an affordable fee. Allow to help you realise your dreams of getting a lot of your books sold both locally and internationally without having to go bankrupt.