Top 10 Self-Publishing Skills: How to Discover and Use Them for Your Career Development


The Top 10 Self-Publishing Skills is an article I wrote basically to help you identify these skills so that when you learn how to use them you will likely see success in your self-publishing business. Indeed, self-publishing is a great business. It is a brand new industry that the traditional publishing industry can’t ignore anymore. With that said, let’s look at these top 10 self-publishing skills below.

Skill #1: Writing Skills

The first obvious self-publishing skill that you need as a self-publisher is the skill to write and keep writing until you know you can do it better.

This is because starting to write is never a guarantee that you will keep doing it for long, or for life. The mistake most of us make here is trying to be perfect when there is nothing like that in human life.

In this section, I want to focus on writing as a skill that we all must learn in order to publish our own books in the digital world. You can only learn by doing.

No one can teach you how to write if you don’t start writing yourself. This is the harsh reality about this career, and I think it is the same thing in each career. Practice indeed makes perfect.

Skill #2: Editing Skills

The second skill that you need to master in order to publish a book is editing skills. Most authors and writers alike think they are not wired for this, but I think you know that you actually do some editing even as you write, if you write anything at all, either for publication or for fun.

But if you write to publish, even if you have to hire a professional editor later, you have to first do your own self-editing at best.

Again, you can only learn better as you edit your works and make even more mistakes along the way. You may even feel like you are not doing better in this, but if you keep trying, you can get better at it.

I just want to say if you feel terrible about it, then you can hire someone else to do it for you with a fee. But even if you have money, you can always do your best to edit the work before you send it out.