So, you wrote a book? – Publishing Tips


“Write the book you want to read.” But what if the book you’ve written just doesn’t resonate with an agent? The querying process is daunting to say the least, and with the massive amounts of submissions they receive each day, it’s no doubt the market is competitive for a traditional publishing deal.

But that doesn’t mean your book isn’t good. And it doesn’t meant you can’t still publish it! Here are some publishing tips for your novel.

The Big Five aren’t the only option!

There are different types of publishers you can consider, from Small Press/Independent Press to Vanity Publishing, and Self-Publishing. What’s the difference?

Small/Independent Presses

This area of publishing has exploded since 2019. Lots of small press publishers are actively seeking new talent. With that said, do your research, check how that publisher actively markets their current client list, and check with the BBB or similar agency to gauge their reputation in the industry. If you’ve never heard of the publisher, chances are they’re a small press with a small client list.

This can be a good thing. It means that the publisher can offer more individualized attention to their clients. It also may mean that they’re still in their infancy and may not have the reach or resources and experience that other publishers do. Your publisher should have a team. Your main contact shouldn’t be your editor, PR, media creator, and cover designer. And your book should be marketed well by them.

Vanity Publishing

Yes, they want your book, yes they believe in it, but they won’t give you an advance. In fact you’ll be shocked to learn that you’ll have to pay them. Vanity Presses get a bad name because of the limited support they offer their Authors, and the fact that you have to invest up front to have your book published. It doesn’t guarantee exposure, and it doesn’t guarantee sales. A word to the wise: Buyer Beware.