New book inspires readers to listen to their own guidance, believe in their own power and create their desired life


MIAMI BEACH, Fla.(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Lynn Carey marks her first foray in the world of publishing with the release of “My Journey to Grace” (published by Balboa Press). Poignant, candid and simple in its retelling, this autobiography chronicles her personal journey from depression and desire to grace as she learns to trust herself, her inner voice and her purpose.

“I learned to step outside what the world calls normal and move from a place of despair to find my own bliss, ultimately healing myself physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially,” Carey states. “I always wanted to share my healing journey in a book, and then when lockdown hit, I was really upset that was happening and knew people needed my story more than ever.”

“My Journey to Grace” shares insights and reflections gleaned from the author’s healing journey and her 18 years practicing as a chiropractor. While revealing her opinions, viewpoints and preferences, Carey gently reminds readers to find a broader view and step outside the mainstream narratives where understanding and joy await. This book encourages others to think for themselves, to create the best version of themselves, and to become empowered leaders in their own lives.