International authors turn to Canada for better book self-publishing


Self-publishing your book is a huge deal. Consequently, every writer who is seeking to self-publish must first seek out authentic self-publishing companies who are genuinely interested in publishing great and marketable books.  In recent times, many self-publishing service providers have started to rely heavily on impersonal BOTS to churn out thousands of poorly edited books daily. For this reason, international authors who are serious about publishing marketable books have begun to seek out and work with reliable publishing companies such as Agora Publishing.

Agora Publishing offers personalized customer service that enables authors to produce books with the same calibre of design, editing, marketing, and distribution that big-time traditionally published authors get. They provide an in-house team of professional book designers, editors, print experts, and marketing pros dedicated to making your self-publishing journey a great one. This makes them the preferred choice for international authors who have previously had to over-rely on bots used by Amazon's KDP.

Agora Publishing offers writers a chance to publish books, by providing flexible book publishing plans designed with the writer’s budget and publishing goals in mind. All book royalties, rights, and files belong to the writer.  With help from the publishing team, your book can be created from scratch, instead of using templates. Agora Publishing allows you to customize your books with whatever works for you. The publishing team would work hand in hand with you to design a book that would be nearly impossible for readers to put down. The team would also easily answer any questions you may have about the entire self-publishing process.

At Agora Publishing, you will be allowed to set the price of your book. You could also use your own ISBN if you have one. If not, the company could get one for you. Most importantly, the company offers a lot of sales support.

Contrary to popular belief, most books usually require some form of editing. It is one thing to write a good story and another thing to produce quality books. A lot of good stories have gone unnoticed due to unedited writing. If you intend to publish a good book, then you must invest in professional help to make your book look, feel and read more professionally. In the end, this would put you a step above others and improve the chances of your book gaining recognition.

Self-Publishing a book is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It is even more rewarding when you chose to work with a reliable self-publishing company, who will help you publish, print, market, and distribute your books. Self-publishing can be an unbelievably thrilling venture if you are willing to put in a little additional effort into sharing your work with the world. In this digital age, almost everyone who wants to can publish a book in the blink of an eye, the process has been made exceedingly easy by self-publishing technology and the internet. For this reason, you should always be prepared to do the hard work to make your book sell and reach as many readers as you can.