Beefs and Complaints about our Kindle Relationship


There are so many things wrong with Amazon's "management" of us Kindle contributors that others will probably want to add to the list, so feel free.

How is it that my book on could be uploaded a year ago as a pdf file, with formatting preserved, but Kindle STILL cannot do this? I hate the way my books look on Kindle, but on Smashwords they look wonderful.

Why are my books only sold as a Kindle book, when so many other eBook options are out there, just waiting to throw money at our books? We lose money every day because of Amazon's bizarre business model. Kindle has been surpassed by Mirasol, iPad, iPhone and a dozen other book readers. Customers using other formats have no access to our eBooks on Amazon and that's costing us money, daily.

Why is my profit per copy on the Smashwords version of my book almost DOUBLE what Amazon Kindle pays me?

How is it, with no printing or shipping costs, that Amazon Kindle takes such a huge chunk of the cover price? My royalty on the CreateSpace printed versions of my books is about equal to the Kindle versions, even though Amazon has to print and ship the CreateSpace books. There is almost no cost to distributing a Kindle book compared to a CreateSpace book, so therefore the Kindle book authors should make a higher royalty.

Amazon has signed a deal with Smashwords to make Smashwords books available on Amazon, and amazingly, even with Smashwords' cut, my profit will be still higher on my Smashwords-supplied-to-Amazon books than on the books I directly publish on Amazon Kindle.