12 Valuable marketing Statistics About How Generations Use Technology


By now, you probably already know about the importance of identifying who exactly you should be marketing your business to. This is essential to ensuring that your marketing budget doesn’t go down the drain. The more targeted your efforts, the more profitable they will be.

You have to know not only who to pitch to, but also how, when, and where. In the digital age, this involves factoring-in elements such as device, social media channel, and purchase preferences. You also need to remember that different generations have different habits when it comes to how they use technology.

Understanding their habits is key to building an effective marketing strategy. To help you achieve this, let’s take a look at 12 valuable statistics about how different generations use technology.

Social Media Preferences

  1. Gen X uses social media more than any other demographic group. (Neilsen)
  2. Among baby boomers who use Facebook, 70% log in daily. (Pew Research Center)
  3. Across all generations, Facebook is the most popular content-sharing platform. (BuzzStream)
  4. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most popular platforms used by Gen Z. (Business Insider)

It’s no secret that social media is incredibly valuable for marketing. Knowing where you should focus your efforts will improve engagement. Gen Z tends to prefer ads on Snapchat for being relevant, timely, and engaging. Boomers are the biggest Facebook users and millennials are more attracted to image and product-heavy Instagram ads.

Device Preferences

  1. 35% of millennials and only 5% of Gen Xers use tablets, while this number jumps to 57% among boomers. (Neilsen)
  2. Only 7% of boomers use a smartphone as their primary source of content, compared to 25% of millennials and 17% of Gen X. (BuzzStream)
  3. Millennials are the first generation to use laptops more than desktop computers. (BrainBoxol)
  4. Gen Z are the youngest adopters of smartphones, with 98% of them owning one. (GlobalWebIndex)

While no generation is significantly behind on device usage, it’s clear that Gen Z loves smartphones and boomers are big fans of tablets. Consider how your target market interacts with your brand across the devices they use. For instance, if your audience is predominantly Gen Z, your website needs to be effectively optimized for mobile devices. Gen Z is extremely valuable, both as consumers and employees. But they can be difficult to understand. Consider the assistance of a company like Gen Z Guru to help you learn how to capture their attention.

Purchase Preferences

  1. A large majority (84%) of boomers still prefer in-store shopping. (Synchrony)
  2. Only 16% of millennials use mobile devices to make most of their purchases. (CouponFollow)
  3. “Social conscience” is important to the majority of consumers in all generations, especially Gen Z. (Synchrony)
  4. Mobile payments are preferred among 75% of Gen Z shoppers. (Interactions Marketing)

If your audience is on the younger side, you need to ensure that you have the latest payment options available. Despite it seemingly being the opposite, it’s the older generations who prefer online shopping.


There’s much more to be learned about the way different generations use technology. Taking the time to understand it will help you develop a more effective marketing strategy.