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marketable book?
if that's you.... We Offer the kind of hands-on services of a not-for-profit organizations which are completely unavailable for writers you use for PROFIT DRIVEN Services Like and Lulu.
Yet-To-Be Completed Manuscript
  • ISBN Registration
  • International Books In Print Registration
  • Book Website Design
  • News release services for Canada and the U.S
  • Writing and publishing promotional reviews
comprehensive services
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Copy Editing (mostly for grammar and typos)
  • Substantive Editing (full editorial advisement on manuscript)
  • Book Cover Design
  • Typesetting, Graphic Design and Layout
  • Printing
Completed Your Manuscript Already?
Already Self-Published?
  • International Books-In-Print Coverage : - Great to enable both the sales of international libraries and various international booksellers; Essential for enabling book distribution
  • Writing and Publishing Advertorial Reviews of Book mostly designed to promote direct sales and marketing of book.
  • Writing and Publishing Google trending newspaper-style article which contain link to author blog or book website that is designed to boost search engine marketing.
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