Quantuum Economics: Wage Slavery Or The Quality-of-life?
By Horace Carby And Raymond Samuels,

ISBN: 1894839609 , COPYRIGHT: 2003, 2010.

Book description:

The book presents a rejuvenated development paradigm of economics, in relationship to ecology and the quality-of-life

Humans depend upon basic necessities like food and clean water, for their survival.

Yet, the current paradigm of economic development in the name of "growth" jeopardizes the global food supply, the availability of clean drinking water, and in general, the quality of human survival. This book rejuvenates the relationship between 'economics' and 'the environment', that creatively supports the quality of human survival, (rather than undermining it via so-called "Economic Globalization). Quantuum Economics is an innovative and unique Canadian quality-of-life focused contribution to 'economics', that complements tenets and principles associated with human rights, democracy, environmental conservation, ecology, social justice, and such policies as universal public healthcare in Canada.

'Quantuum Economics': What could be the most significant proposed rejuvenation of economics since the 1960's.

An insightful and illuminating exploration of overlooked societal considerations, in efforts to development and implement "the New Economy".

Subject areas: Economics, Ecology, Development, Envronmental Conservation, Work, Quality-of-Life, Political Economy, Constitutionalism, and Democracy.

About the authors:

Horace Carby has a professional background which includes Professor of Economics. He has been schooled in economics by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

Raymond Samuels has a professional background as an academic lecturer. His interdisciplinary academic background includes economics, political science, sociology, and constitutional law. He has been featured as an author by diverse mass-media that includes Canadian radio, the New York Review of Books, and also on National Public Radio in the U.S. He had also, for example, been appointed to consecutive terms on government-appointed advisory committees concerning the environment and economic development.