Quality Of Living And Human Development
By Horace Carby-samuels

The capitalist system currently functions as an incentive for the destruction of humanity. Capitalism conditions people to only think of themselves in terms of a financial achievement context. Instead, this book presents a rejuvenated developmental context in which government public policies are guided by the need to facilitate the quality-of-living of all people, instead of primarily the commercial interests of a relative handful of entrepreneurs. The book also stresses that the capitalist emphasis on education as human capital formation, has primarily been an ideological tactic for overlooking how humans have historically linked their efforts to the achievement of enhanced quality-of-living. This book further stresses that the prevailing capitalism, in the context of Globalization in which humans are institutionalized as being seekers after financial gain, is a threat to human quality of survival. In that spirit, this book presents a people-centred economic development focus in which the economy is re-oriented to quality-of-survival outcomes. It provides a guidance context which citizens are invited to require government to pursue, in order to affirm vital quality-of-living features and considerations.