National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community

by Raymond Samuels II, ISBN: 0-9681906-0-X, 1997

book3General description:
"The question of national identity in Canada has been an enigma in the experience of Canadians. As a society, the country continues to be hindered by a historical context, evading exposure in the prevailing environment and eroding a vital identity. The term 'national identity' expresses a state of societal maturation that Canada appears to critically lack. National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community explores an 'enforced state' of societal immaturity that works against a milieu of national civic unity in Canada."

-As quoted from the the Chapters/Globe and Mail National Newspaper internet site.



National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community: The Cultural Context and Political Legacy of Former Prime Minister John Turner as the Last Great Liberal Champion for Canada

by Raymond Samuels II, ISBN: 1-894934-12-1, 2003, 2003

General description:
A critical exploration of Canada's political history as well as overall cultural and societal development. These areas have by and large been covered-up by the education system, from schools and universities, and the corporate mass-media in Canada, toward the consolidation of social control by the Establishment.

The book provides an overall critical overall of a pattern of institutionalized racism in Canada, under the auspices on reactionary elites, who have undermined the fruition of Canada as a synergistic multicultural and cosmopolitan national community.



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