Toronto Book Self-Publishing: Top 5 Reasons to Chose

06 Jun 2016

As an aspiring young writer, self-publishing your own books is now the most effective and cost efficient way of getting your books published. Unlike the previous way of publishing, which involved looking for the services of traditional publishing houses, self-publishing eliminates most of the disadvantages that writers faced some years ago.

Being an up and coming writer based in Toronto was once a very risky career path to tread as most writers found it extremely difficult to get their books published by the few publishing houses available but that has all changed with the introduction of book self-publishing services by

Although there are now a lot of book self-publishing agencies littered all over the internet claiming to offer aspiring writers like you the chance to make a name for themselves, it is only that really does deliver on all of its promises. They are one of the very few self-publishing agencies that really understand the needs of writers due to the fact that it was created by a seasoned writer. Aside this, below are also top 5 reasons to chose when it comes to seeking for self-publishing services;

They make you an integral part of the whole process: The dream of every writer is to have a major hand in whatever he or she wishes to publish. This is exactly what they do at as they always make it a point to ensure that you are not relegated to the background. Every single decision that they take with regards to your book is done based upon your strengths whilst your weaknesses are properly and professionally handled by them.

Individualized self-publishing services: As with everything in the world, there are always differences that exist in people. This means that all writers are not the same and as such might have their own peculiar differences. has therefore tailored its self-publishing services in such a way that the individual needs of every writer are adequately met. This means that they do not generalize their self-publishing services, which is sadly the case with similar agencies like Create Space.

Affordable but quality self-publishing services: The main aim of the introduction of book self-publishing was to give a platform to aspiring writers who found it very difficult to get recognized due to the traditional way of publishing books. However, it is very sad to realize that most of the self-publishing agencies rather charge clients exorbitant fees and the rendering of low standard services to these clients. This is something that completely eliminates as they provide writers with affordable self-publishing services that are of the highest quality.

Attention to detail: Self-publishing your book can be very simple and stress-free if you seek for the services of the perfect agency. A lot of self-published books out there have been unable to achieve recognition due to certain avoidable mistakes which most self-publishing sites fail to identify. In self-publishing your book, things like typesetting, layout and design of your book are very essential factors. pays attention to all these areas of self-publishing which is mostly always overlooked by other publishing agencies like Create Space.

Mass marketability: Every writer seeks for mass marketability of his or her self-published books and this can only be properly achieved when you seek for the services of as they are really the best when it comes to assisting you to sell more copies of your book.

These are the top 5 reasons to choose for your self-publishing needs.

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Book Self-Publishing: Learn Insider Tips Online

06 Jun 2016

Do you want to learn how to successfully publish mass-marketable and commercially successful books? Contact via Skype. Their Skype ID is AgoraCosmopolite. Sign-up and be part of their one hour online tutorial at an affordable fee of only $250. You will save time and learn how to make money as a writer.

The introduction of book self-publishing has made it increasingly very simple for writers to get their books out with very little effort. However, self publishing a book is not as simple as it seems and involves a lot of effort on the part of you, as a writer, in order to make it as a self-published writer. Without the necessary tips from the top self-publishing professionals, a writer is bound to personally hit the self-destruct button of his or her writing career. Although there are numerous book-self publishing agencies, only a limited number of these agencies can provide you with the kind of insider tips that will mould you into one of the best writers in the world.

For some years now, has been providing unparalleled self-publishing tips to both the up-and-coming writers as well as those with some degree of experience. They have self-publishing experts who boast of a lot of years in the area of offering vital pieces of advice to writers.

What you stand to gain with their online tutorial?

The benefits of signing up for the online book self-publishing tutorials provided by are numerous for you as a writer and it include the following;

The chance to learn life-changing book self-publishing tips: In your quest to acquire authentic pieces of information that will go a long way in helping you to become an established and famous writer, the online tutorial service being provided by is just what you need. Their self-publishing tips are one of the best as they provide you with self-publishing insider tips that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The chance to learn self-publishing tips at an affordable fee: When it comes to getting the necessary tips that will help you immensely in your self-publishing career at a very affordable fee, the services of always comes first ahead of all the other self publishing agencies like Create Space. All that you need to do is to pay a one-time sign-up fee of $250 which is the cheapest when compared to what other similar sites take for rendering services that are of a very low quality.

No need to travel: Unlike a lot of the self-publishing agencies which require you to travel to certain locations in order to undergo certain courses in book self-publishing, does the complete opposite. They make use of the availability of internet services to provide you with an online-based learning program. All that you are required to have is a Skype ID and you can chat with them for an hour online.

Personalized tutorials: Due to the fact that their services are rendered via Skype to each and every single customer, you get the chance to ask them questions that might have been bothering you about self-publishing and all their services are also tailored to suit your specific needs as an individual writer.

Contact today and learn the best tips to turn you into an internationally recognized writer.

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Ottawa Book Self-Publisher Is Hiring Writer Outreach Associates

06 Jun 2016

Are you affiliated with a community or association of writers? is hiring freelancers who can introduce's services to communities of writers. Agora Books offers many different services to ensure that writers get mass-marketable books produced. This is the perfect time for you to become a part of what offers writers. They have been in the services of rendering unparalleled book self-publishing services to up-and-coming writers all over the world and all that you have to do is to get in touch with them.

To self-publish your own book has never been an easy pick for most writers. This is mainly due to the fact that it involves a lot of very delicate issues that if not properly handled can completely destroy the career of any particular writer. It is for reasons like this that has decided to seek out potential writers in order to provide such writers with the best self-publishing support services that will go a long way in helping them to become well established and renowned writers in a very short period of time.

You do not actually have to be a writer in order to make use of this opportunity being presented by as all that you have to do is to find communities of writers. In such a situation, you act as an outreach associate of linking them with potential writer communities. is known for its provision of high quality book self-publishing services for writers.

With book self-publishing replacing the traditional way of publishing books, almost every single self-published book is properly analyzed by readers and critics in order to ascertain that a particular book possesses the perfect quality. A lot of self-published books have therefore not been able to reach its targeted number of copies to be sold. This is an area that perfectly and easily handles like no other book self-publishing agency. Their main objective is to see to it that writers are given the right self-publishing support in order to help them reach their mass marketability goals.

At Agora Books, they employ a variety of strategies that are all geared towards helping writers to self publish books with the highest quality. Mass marketability is the desire of each and every single writer and this can be best achieved only with the services that offers each and every individual writer. They have tailored their self-publishing services in such a way that the needs of every individual writer will always be adequately met without any compromise.

Grab this opportunity to either have a positive impact on a community of writers that you are part of or to show members of writer communities the best place where they can obtain professional book self-publishing services.

The ability of a writer to achieve mass-marketability for his or her self-published book depends largely on the quality control measures put in place before the book is published. This is an area that really specializes in. is asking you today to serve as a writer outreach associate for them in their quest to provide professional support for communities of writers all over Ottawa. Use this avenue to influence writer communities in your area positively.

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Toronto Book Self-Publishing: Great Typesetting Key to Mass Marketability

06 Jun 2016

The idea of self-publishing one’s own book has really made it very simple and easy for a lot of writers to pursue their dream career. Previously, the process was very tedious and financially demanding for writers to get their books published. This was largely due to the fact that there were very few publishing houses around and they always wanted to work with the already established writers. Even in those days, one thing that these traditional publishing houses never took lightly was typesetting. They realized that typesetting was a very important part of any book.

These days, book self-publishing has come to replace those traditional publishing houses and make the whole process of becoming an established writer very simple. Agencies like and Create Space are always mentioned when it comes to the issue of helping writers to self-publish their own books. However, although these are two book self-publishing service providers, there are certain things that make them completely different from each other.

Over the years, Create Space has always been viewed as being very similar to by a lot of writers. However, this is a very big mistake and a complete misconception. As a writer based in Toronto, it is very essential for you to seek for the services of a professional book self-publishing agency like in order to meet the high standards that readers look in published books. As a reader, great typesetting is very necessary a good book whilst as a writer, great typesetting holds the key to mass marketability.

Although and Create Space are recognized as self-publishing agencies, is miles ahead of Create Space in the following ways;

·         They provide you with the best and professional typesetting services that ensure your book is able to reach its projected number of copies to be sold which is sadly not the case with Create Space.

·         They provide their clients (writers) with book self-publishing services that make the writer an integral part of the whole process. However, Create Space lacks in this area.

·         At, they see to it that your book always comes out with the best quality control measures to boost its marketability which is the complete opposite at Create Space.

·         Moreover, whilst Create Space provides self-publishing services that can only be accessed online, on the other hand provides services that include face-to-face interactions with writers at convenient locations throughout Toronto. This makes it very easy and simple for them to really tailor their services to suit your specific needs.

 These are just a few of the ways through which differs from Create Space. It is therefore up to you as an up-and-coming writer to realize which of these book self-publishing service providers really allows you to easily reach your goals. So instead of prematurely ending your writing career by opting for the book self-publishing services of Create Space, make the positive decision of going with in order to have a long-lasting career as an established and well-recognized writer.

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Book Self Publishing: Agora Books Offers Critical Service to Writers

06 Jun 2016

Self-publishing of books is now the orders of the day as lots of writers have found solace in this area than opting for the services of traditional publishing houses. This has led to the emergence of numerous book self-publishing agencies all over the internet. It is however quite unfortunate that some writers are unable to differentiate between an authentic book self-publishing agency and a fake one.

Self-publishing agencies like are the actual pace-setters when it comes to the provision of services relating to high quality book self-publishing.

More often than not, is compared to by some authors. This is a complete mismatch and a mistake as Agora Books offer the kind of critical services to writers that can never be achieved on

Self-publishing a book mainly centres on three areas and they are;

·         Writing

·         Editing

·         Marketing

Although each of these 3 areas is very necessary, any mistake done during editing is bound to have a very disastrous impact on how the book appeals to readers. Typesetting which falls under the editing area hold the key with regards to whether you make it as a writer or not.

 It is therefore very disheartening to come across a self-published book that really has a very powerful storyline but unable to get 100 copies sold. Most of the self-publishing agencies like, do not take their time to check your book in order to ensure that it has the perfect typesetting. Typesetting is a very important aspect of self-publishing if an author’s desire is to sell more copies of his or her book and this is an area that handles perfectly than any other self-publishing agency.

What you get with the typesetting service of

The typesetting services provided to a particular writer by provide writers with the following benefits;

·         It ensures that all texts and graphics contained in the book are perfectly aligned.

·         It makes it very easy for a reader to picture both graphics and text contained in a page with just a single look.

·         It helps in ensuring that all colours used for both the text and graphics complement each other.

·         It makes use of the appropriate fonts which helps in ensuring that readers do not stress themselves up in trying to read the book. knows the various font sizes that should be used for each genre of book to be published.

·         It also gives a book the professional look that it needs in order to achieve its objective of mass marketability.

As a writer seeking for mass marketability of your self-published book, it is always very important to ensure that you avoid the services of agencies like as they do not ensure quality control of published books.

The moment you throw the typesetting services of your book out of the window is the day you personally destroyed your writing career. For the best book self-publishing services there is no agency that can be compared to

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Book Self-Publishing: 6 Ways is better than Create Space

06 Jun 2016

There are many people out there that are looking to get their book published. Everybody has a story to tell and you just never know, your book may be a hit. The challenge is to find the right company to help you to get it published. Most people are not going to send their manuscript to a big publishing company and see it in the book store next month. This means that they have to find more creative ways to be able to get their materials published.

One way that many choose is to have it published through one of these companies that acts as an independent publisher, helping writers get their publication going. Two of the ones that are more commonly selected are Agora Publishing and Creative Space for writers. If you are considering choosing a company to assist you, here are six reasons why you should go with

6. Aids in Promoting You on the Web – not only will Agora Publishing help you to get your book published, but they have great expertise in optimizing the book for search engines and search engine marketing. This gives it the best chance of being seen by people when they put in a keyword related to our books subject matter. This will really help to boost your sales.

5. Advantage – This is non-profit group that provides services to clients across North America and internationally. They can help you to get more attention for your book and, because they are a non-profit, their prices are much more affordable, while stilling providing the best of services.

4. Great Marketing Strategies – has a sensational team of marketing experts that can show you how to get your book title into newspapers, magazines and websites. Even when there are costs involved they can show you how to find the ones that are the most beneficial to you at a cost you can afford, and because they have built great relationships they are able to get reduced costs for your advertisement.

3. Groups Working Together – Agora Publishing is a consortium of various non-profit and books distributors that are oriented to assisting charitable causes. What this means is that you are getting a lot of expertise while also coming across a lot of groups that are in this business more for help than for profit. This helps you to avoid unnecessary costs.

2. Distribution – While Create Space has a wide distribution circle, they cannot top that of Agora Publishing. Because of the manner in which the consortium is set up, there are a large number of connections to outlets that most startup book producers simply could not provide. This is one of the most important reasons to go to them.

1. Reputation means a Great Deal – Because of all the different pieces that are invested here, there are many who really want to see this succeed. This means they will go the extra mile to help you to get your book off the ground and doing well. You simply cannot beat them.

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Book Self Publishing: Top 7 Ways is better than Create Space for Writers

06 Jun 2016

Gone are the days when the idea of becoming a published writer was seen to be solely for those few wealthy people in the society. A lot of genuinely talented and gifted writers were therefore allowed to waste away due to the lack of funds to employ the services of the very few publishing houses that were in existence by then. However, latest trends and technological developments have made it very simple and easy for writers to get their works out to their readers without the need to spend a fortune. This has been made possible through the introduction of Book Self Publishing sites.

One of such sites that has been offering writing the chance to self publish their books is but a lot of writers have been making the mistake of trying to compare this site and Create Space. Although these two sites offer the same self publishing services to writers, at, they go the extra mile to ensure that your book gets published with a truly professional multi-million dollar look. Below are the top 7 ways is better than Create Space for writers;

Customer service support: At, they always make it their goal to see to it that each and every single writer is provided with the necessary support and assistance that he or she needs in order publish a book that is of the highest quality. Their customer support team are among the friendliest and always willing to give a listening ear to problems that you might be encountering with regards to publishing your book.

High quality typesetting services: Typesetting is a very essential part of publishing a book and makes it their objective to ensure that each and every one of their writers are provided with typesetting services of the highest quality. This is something that can never be found at Create Space as they view typesetting as a not-so-important part of publishing a book.

Production of quality books: Whilst Create Space goes with anything that you the writer put forward; on the other hand goes the extra mile to make sure that your book really meets the highest standards. This enables your book to achieve mass marketability without much effort.

Distribution services: When it comes to the issue of distributing published books of writers, provides its writers with quality book distribution services which are totally non-existent on Create Space.

Marketing services: also provides writers with marketing services that makes it possible for a particular book to be able to get a greater number of copies sold. However, this is a service that is lacking on Create Space as writers are left to market their own books.

Individualized services: Whilst Create Space provides its services to writers based on general assumptions, on the other hand renders their book self publishing services to writers on an individualized basis. This means that their services are always tailored to suit the specific needs of a particular writer.

Affordable services: also offers its services to writers at very affordable prices which is the complete opposite of what happens on Create Space. This means that writers do not have to be very rich or financially sound in order to seek for the Book Self Publishing services of

These are just some of the ways which proves that is really better than Create Space when it comes to providing quality book self publishing services to writers. Seek for their services now and watch your writing career move to a whole new level in a very short period of time.


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Why Students Buy Book Reviews Online?

06 Jun 2016

Several students who have the assignment to write a book review mix it with book report writing. Book review refers to a short analysis of the overall book, its general themes, problems, it purpose. It is not simply description of the book, its characters, content and the plot. Several students make the mistake to write a book report writing as it can be easy to break this very delicate line between a good book review and a brief summary of the book. In order to maintain a good academic record, and write a good book review to secure good grades, students opt to hire book review services online. Several paper writing services available online offer high quality writing services to students, so that they can achieve a better grade. These services also have a rich writing experience and are known to combine low fee with premium quality content.

Professional Writers

The good paper writing services consist of professional teams of writers, who are experts in fields such as literature and language. They have a good grasp over the language, and can research well on any topic to better understand its concept. They thoroughly examine and analyze a book, and extract all the essential parts and points of it for you. All of the writers treat all reviews with same responsibility, and try to make it as unique as possible. The writers specifically make deep analysis of the book, and make conclusions, which may help the student to achieve an A+ grade.

Original Content

The paper writing services cares for the client satisfaction the most, and do not sacrifice anything to achieve this. They are bound to write high quality premium content, which is plagiarism free. All of the papers are custom made for the clients, which means that nothing is copied from anywhere else. By purchasing a book review from these websites, you can stay calm and relax, while the book review is being written for you. The book is analyzed carefully by a writer, and he or she compiles words in such a way that it is appealing and easy to understand at the same moment. The writer brilliantly describes all the hidden and important moments, while he or she also sheds some light on the main concept of the book.

Buying a book review can be incredibly easy, and you can try there service as well. Most of the companies such as have set up a convenient pricing policy for their clients. Their gathered team of professionals work closely with the client, interacting with them to offer them the best. All of the requirements of the clients are thoroughly fulfilled, while 24/7 assistance is offered by most of the websites. The book reviews are also written from the scratch, which makes all the content 100% original.

By availing these services, you can easily get a higher grade at an affordable price where can writing a book review may be quite a challenging task, so students have a chance to Research Paper Help for further review. These services will deliver you the best of their services, within your designated time period.

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eBooks: Makes Publishing Easy

06 Jun 2016 will help writers produce an eBook for free if they have used AgoraPublishing’s services to produce a high quality paperback book before. This special offer is being made by them is only available until 21st March, 2016. If as a writer you have used AgoraPublishing’s services in the production of a high quality paperback book, then this is your time to also enjoy some of the free services that they offer. has been in the business of helping both new and old writers to really realize their dreams of becoming renowned authors in the world and this can be seen in a variety of book self-publishing services that they provide for writers. All that person needs, when it comes to publishing with the help of, is to have the passion to write. The rest is well taken care of by

With the introduction of’s free eBook production for writers who have used their book publishing services before, writers are being urged to take this opportunity in order to get an eBook out to the general public free of charge. Although, this is an era of technological advancements, as a writer you can testify to the fact that it is now not very easy to get an eBook published on your own. There are a lot of publishing agencies that promise to provide you with quality services for a fee but only end up duping you of your hard-earned money. This is something that has been fighting against which is why it has introduced this new free eBook publication for clients who have had the chance of using their book self-publishing services.

As a writer with a wish to get an eBook out to your readers, this is the best opportunity that you will ever get to do so with no financial obligations. However, you should also realize that this offer being provided by is only for a limited period. This means that you should not sit down and procrastinate as doing that will let you lose a lot both in the short and long term as a writer. Now is therefore the appropriate time to get hold of this free offer from to get one of your best titles out there in the form of an eBook. You should remember that after the 21st March, 2016 this offer will not be valid anymore so instead of going to pay huge fees at certain publishing agencies, allow to do all the work for you free of charge whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy your profits.

The book self-publishing services offered by are always regarded as one of the best and it is all down to the professional way in which they perform their activities on your manuscript in order to turn it into a quality masterpiece. Intricate areas like design, layout and typesetting are always handled with care by them which ensure that your book is seen as a professionally created masterpiece the moment it gets to the public domain. Make use of this free offer and rake in the profits from the sweat of

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EBooks: Learn How to Write and Produce Like a Pro

06 Jun 2016

Are you a writer who gets fascinated by the books of renowned authors in the world? Do you wish to attain such a status as a professional writer? Well, this is your chance to also get the assistance that you need in order to be able to rock shoulders with the very best in the area of writing books. All you need to do is to get a copy of the amazing book titled “E-book Publishing and Marketing 101”.

This is an E-book that has been published to help bridge the gap between writers who are considered as novices and the very best professionals. For all this years, the main deciding factor between Pro writers and novices has never been about the contents of their books but rather about things like formatting, editing, typesetting, designing, layout and the various strategies used in marketing one’s book.

Although readers love to read a book that has an interesting and exciting theme, it should be noted that the best themed book if not properly done can be seen as the work of a lazy writer. This is why the E-book Publishing and Marketing 101 is a must-have for all writers who wish to learn how to write and produce like a pro. The book simply guides you through the various dos and don’ts in publishing your own book whilst also ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to produce high quality books with mass marketability.

The book ushers you into a world where you are able to identify what readers need and how they want it to be without necessarily having to ask them personally.

If it has always been your dream to become a well renowned and celebrated writer then get a copy of this book in order to cross the bridge between the novice and the absolute professionals.

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