New York City Writers: Book Publisher Offers Professional Typesetting

13 Aug 2016

One major problem that has been very consistent with most writers that seek to self-publish their own books is the low quality typesetting services provided by certain self-publishing agencies. The typesetting of your book has a direct bearing on how successful it will be when it finally gets released onto the market., an organization that seeks to render quality typesetting services to writers all over Canada is now in New York City and their main objective is to help writers completely eradicate the issue of their books poor typesetting.

They have a team of professional self-publishers who really know the negative impacts poor typesetting can have on any self-published book regardless of the quality of the content in the book and therefore always make sure that your book has the right typesetting before it is published. This is an area that most book self-publishing agencies overlook and it has always had damaging effects on their careers of the writers concerned. Typesetting is very critical to the mass marketability of your book and happens to be the only agency that can assist you in such an area.

Get in touch with and eliminate poor typesetting from your problems.

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Montreal Writers: Book Publisher Expands to Quebec

12 Aug 2016

For some time now, writers based in Montreal have had to cope with the services of book self-publishing agencies around which have indirectly affected the marketability of books published by writers from Montreal. However, that situation has come to an end as the well-know book self-publishing agency,, which is a not-for-profit organization has now expanded its services to all writers in Montreal. This means that as a writer in Montreal seeking to self-publish mass marketable books, provides you with the best option to easily reach your goals without any hindrances.

They have been in the business of rendering quality self-publishing services to writers all over most parts of Canada and even beyond. The expanding of their services to Montreal is simply to assist writers publish books that are mass marketable. They have also made provision for the two main languages that are used in Montreal – French and English. This is to let you know that you do not have any problem language when it comes to getting your book self-published at

Contact today to set up an appointment with one of their representatives.

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Charlottetown: Book Publisher Expands into PEI

12 Aug 2016 which has been rendering high quality book self-publishing services to both the new and experienced writers all over major cities in Canada is now within your reach. They have now expanded their services to Charlottetown. This is therefore good news for all writers located within Charlottetown who have been contemplating on how to self-publish your own books.

Agora Books PEI makes sure you are provided with quality self-publishing services that will directly affect the marketability of your published book positively. This is completely different from any of the other book self-publishing services like CreateSpace that simply seek to help writers self-publish their books without making room for the book becoming a bestseller.

With now expanding their awesome services to writers in Charlottetown, those days of writers having to tirelessly search for an authentic book self-publishing agency are all over. Their services are also very affordable when compared with other self-publishing agencies around.

Contact to set-up an appointment with a representative from

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Canadian Book Publisher Better Than Amazon's CreateSpace

12 Aug 2016

In an era where book self-publishing has become the main option for most writers as compared to the traditional way of getting books published, it has become increasingly essential for you as a writer to always look out for the best self-publishing agency. There are numerous self-publishing agencies like CreateSpace whose main objective is to simply get your book in print form with little or no attention paid to whether your book will become mass-marketable or not. However, this is completely not the case with the Canadian book publisher as they see to it that the necessary steps and guidelines are followed in order to release a book that will achieve mass marketability. is a Canadian book self-publishing agency that has been established to specifically cater for the self-publishing needs of all writers based in Canada and beyond. Their self-publishing services are also of the highest quality due to the fact that such services are rendered by a team of professional book self-publishers who are well versed and experienced in self-publishing books. This can be clearly seen in the high quality customer support services that they render to each and every one of their clients.

At, they always ensure that vital areas such as typesetting, design and layout of your book are given the maximum attention that they need. Aside that, they also put in the much needed marketing strategies that will ensure your book becomes mass-marketable the moment it is released onto the market. This is something that is very hard and almost impossible to come by at Create Space.

Get in touch with and they will assist you to realize your dreams as a self-publisher of your own book(s).

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University Professors: Book Self-Publishing Presents Great Option

06 Aug 2016

It is a known fact that most university professors always come under immense pressure to get their works published in areas such as academic journals and other books. This pressure on University professors to publish also escalates to a whole new level due to the various processes they have to pass through in order to get just a single book published. Now, is offering professors within the various universities and colleges with the opportunity to get their books self-published without having to pass through the tedious process of having to submit manuscripts to printing presses owned by the universities. makes it possible for University professors to maintain their control over everything that gets published in their book whilst also ensuring that each and every single book self-published achieves mass marketability easily. happens to be the only book self-publishing agency that really understands the various needs of writers. This however comes as no surprise at all due to the fact that was founded by a writer who happens to be an active member of the University of Toronto community and operates mainly as a not-for-profit organization. Their main motive is to provide professors with customer services that are of the highest quality which is almost impossible to access at the University printing presses.

As a university or college professor, self-publishing your own book with the help of the university printing press can serve as a major hindrance to your career as an author. This is largely as a result of the cumbersome processes that your manuscript has to pass through in order to get accepted by the board.  However, with, they make sure that you are rather pointed in the right direction and provided with all the necessary support services that you need in order to come out with a book that can easily achieve mass marketability.

Unlike a lot of the book self-publishing service providers like Create Space that charge exorbitant fees for low quality services, ensures that you get the best self-publishing services at affordable rates. This simply means that with, you do not have to overspend or go way beyond your budget in order to come out with a book that achieves mass marketable status in no time at all. The self-publishing support services being offered by makes it possible for University professors to get provided with one of the best book self-publishing services in Canada. They see to it that all the essential aspects of self-publishing like typesetting; book design; layout and marketing are all professionally handled in order to make your book a bestseller. This is an area that most of the self-publishing agencies fall short and therefore always end up destroying the blossoming careers of most writers.

Self-publishing has always been seen as the best way to bring an end to the monopoly enjoyed by most of the traditional printing houses. Therefore as a University or College professor seeking to self publish your academic journal or any other book without any hassling; presents you with a great option to achieve your objective.

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Book Self-Publishing: Provides One-Stop Support to Writers

06 Aug 2016

Book self-publishing was at a point in time seen as causing more harm than good to a lot of the up-and-coming writers and even those who were well established in the writing profession. This was all due to the fact that the services provided by most of the self-publishing agencies were simply not up to standard.

When it comes to the issue of trying to get your book self-published, there are only a few agencies that can provide you with a one-stop support and happens to be among. The services that are provided by most of the self-publishing agencies are so basic to the extent that you are always forced to seek for one of the best agencies like in order to get your book to meet the demands of the market. It is for this reason that as a writer, you should always make sure to employ the services of when it comes to getting your book self-published. They always ensure that you are provided with the support that you need one time.

With, all your self-publishing needs are properly and professionally handled to ensure that your book is able to reach mass marketability without having to overspend your financial budgetary allocation.

Get in touch with and they will assist you to self-publish your book with the highest quality but very affordable fees.  You can contact HERE.

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Book Self-Publishing: Top 5 Reasons to Use

06 Aug 2016

For you to make that very important decision to become an author simply means that you are well prepared to strictly follow that rules and regulations guiding the writing profession. Any kind of oversight on your part with regards to your book always brings along very grave consequences. It is for this reason that care should be the watchword of every individual who decides to self-publish his or her own books.

There are numerous agencies around these days with many more being created on a daily basis that seeks to help writers like you self-publish your manuscripts. However, most of these agencies simply provide you with some of the very basic self-publishing services that make it impossible to get even 50 copies of your book sold. In the midst of these numerous self-publishing agencies that are being created all the time, there has been one agency that has kept true to its promise of providing quality self-publishing services to each and every one of their clients. happens to be one of the very few self-publishing companies that really take the whole idea of helping others to self-publish their books very serious.

As an up-and-coming writer, there are numerous reasons why should be the place to go for your self-publishing services but the top 5 reasons to use their services include the following;

Quality typesetting: At, they always make sure that your book has the best typesetting. This is due to the fact that a book’s typesetting is one of the key factors that determine how successful it will be on the market.

Individualized self-publishing services: They also see to it that each client is provided with self-publishing services which are specifically designed to suit the needs of the particular client.

Guaranteed mass marketability: A lot of writers have had to endure very painful writing careers simply because they were unable to get a greater number of copies sold. However, always makes it a point to ensure that your book is given the maximum support it needs in order to get more copies sold.

Affordable self-publishing services: Unlike most of the self-publishing service providers out there that charge very exorbitant fees for basic services, ensures that you get better services at affordable fees.

Online-based self-publishing services: With, each and every client is also provided with quality self-publishing tips right in the comfort of their homes without having to travel to any location. This helps their clients to save a lot of money that would have been used in travelling to certain locations to acquire the same tips. They make use of Skype to ensure that vital details are properly explained to clients.

These are the top 5 reasons why you need to use when it comes to getting your book self-published.

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Toronto: Book Self-Publishing Service Supports Writer Success

06 Aug 2016

Ae you seeking to self-publish a mass-marketable book?  Wuld you llike to avoid the pitfalls of book self-publidhing?  Most self-published book don't sell more than 50 copies. empoers you to sell many more copies through quality control that's second to none.  Click HERE for an estimate to self-publish your book.

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Book Self-Publishing Services for Writers

06 Aug 2016

Are you seeking to self-publish a mass-marketable book? offers high quality book self-publish services. simply provides the kind of services that are not available from its competitors.  Contact HERE.

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Top 5 Books You Wish You'd Invested In

26 Jul 2016

There are hundreds, if not thousands great investment books out there, all with exceptional, unique, and valuable theories, insights, strategies, and wisdom that deemed a reading of their own. With that in mind, choosing fifty of them is already a hard task and even more for only five of them. But for the sake of the article, here it is, the top five books you wish you had invested in:


Why Stocks Go Up and Down

by William Pike

A basic, but in-depth introduction to stocks, bonds, and equity investing, discussing the basics of financial statement analysis, how to value stock price, and cash flow generation among many others. This book will dramatically improve your glossary about commonly misunderstood financial terms. What's actually is "diluted earnings"? What is "capitalization"? This book can't help but answer you these kinds of questions.

This book won't teach you investment systems or how to get rich quick, but will teach you all the fundamentals you'll need to know before you delve in the stock market. This book came with a subtitle:

"The Book You Need To Understand Other Investment Books," which perfectly summarize why this book should be on the top of every wannabe investors' reading lists. Read this book, learn the basics, and you're just ready to take your newfound fundamentals into practice in a CMC markets account.

Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist

by Roger Lowenstein

It'll be tough not to mention Warren Buffet in any article about investment books. We're not just mentioning him, but we include the biography of the man himself.

As one of the most famous, and most successful investors, Buffet has been the idol, role model, and love him or hate him, life-changer of many wannabe investors and veterans alike. Journalist Roger Lowenstein gained three years unlimited access to Buffet's inner circle to provide the inside account of the American living legend.

Buffet's life story and journey in amassing his wealth will inspire you, his investment strategy and philosophy will amaze you.

As mentioned, this book has changed the life of many investors, and your best chance at discovering the infamous Warren Buffet. Who knows? Maybe it's your life this book will change next.

The Intelligent Investor

by Benjamin GrahamT

Maybe the most famous book on investing. At the same time, one of the top book people lied about reading, when they actually haven't.

The classic is a timeless, well-proven textbook about investment.Various market conditions over the years have proven the sophistication of Graham's theories, strategies, and wisdom, making this book the holy bible of the stock market since 1949.

The newer printed edition is annotated to update the context for today's conditions, but to be honest, it's arguable whether the timeless wisdom actually needs them. Featuring commentary by well-known financial journalist Jason Zweig, he looked at Graham's words with the perspective of the modern market, giving a more thorough understanding especially for younger readers.

An indispensable resource for beginners and veterans alike, it's time to actually read the book and stop pretending.

Fooled by Randomness

by Nassim Taleb

Ask any "investors" what's the difference between stock market investing and gambling, and you'll start a lengthy discussion with countless answers. But when we ask the similarities that made the two often compared to each other, the answer is It's how they both involve risk and luck. This book touch just about that topic: how randomness and luck affect Wall Street, our lives, and the world in general.

This book is an eye opener, and will change your mindset to see the world in a probabilistic way, all by keeping you entertained with its iconoclastic approach throughout the whole read. You'll understand how to look at risk, and luck in a different way, and will change your paradigm regarding fallacy and superstition.

Don't be fooled by randomness, embrace it!

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

by Philip Fisher

As the man widely mentioned by Warren Buffet as his idol besides Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher is one of the most famous, influential, and game-changing investors of all time. Since its publication among forty years ago, Fisher's investment gospel has been read and applied by many financiers worldwide and has stood the tests of time to be one of the most evergreen financial and investment wisdom ever written.

The revised edition features perspectives from Ken Fisher, the author's son, who provide insights and commentaries from today's market perspectives.

An invaluable reading for investors of all levels, especially for its techniques and philosophies.

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