Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum offers Toronto and Victoria Patients McDonald's style Drive-Thru Healthcare

29 Dec 2016

Because, we, as Canadians are not directly billed when going to see a family physician or specialist, we have become less aware of the charges that we are, in fact, paying for healthcare, as taxpayers.  Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who operates clinics in both Toronto and in Victoria B.C is a lesson to us all on contributing factors in the ballooning of healthcare costs.  Dr. Tenenbaum shows just how one doctor can exploit and undermine our whole public medicare system through apparent selfish pursuits, avarice and sheer callous disregard. Arguably, most doctors across Canada act res

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Ottawa Writers: Book Self-Publishing Service Ensures Mass-Marketability

27 Dec 2016

Up and coming writers are always subjected to a whole barrage of problems when it comes to the publishing of their new books. This problem is even more pronounced when the right book self-publishing agency is not sought for. Since it is a known fact that any little mistake or oversight can bring an individual’s writing career to an abrupt end regardless of how good the writer is. This goes on to show that it is always a must for a writer to ensure that he or she obtains self-publishing services from the best agency around. As a writer staying within the boundaries of Ottawa, Agor

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Ottawa Writers: Book Self-Publishing Service

27 Dec 2016

Are you thinking of where to self-publish your new book without any problems? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as AgoraPublishing.com provides you with one of the best book self-publishing services for all writers based in Ottawa. AgoraPublishing.com is one of the very few book self-publishing companies that go the extra mile to ensure that the whole idea of self-publishing a book is demystified and also made very simple and affordable for all writers regardless of their financial strengths. Why go with AgoraPublishing.com? The benefits that a writer stands to gain by optin

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Toronto to Victoria: Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s Record of Apparent Medical Malpractices

21 Dec 2016

If a medical doctor with a track record of constantly having issues with his patients and abusing them is allowed to still keep on practicing, then a lot of questions need to be asked of the institutions that have been put in place to control such people. Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has needlessly presided over the complete deteriorating health condition of Dezrin’s Carby-Samuels through negligence and apparent callous disregard of basic patient care. Previously, this same doctor had been negatively reviewed by a greater number of his patients as being very rude, having a lack of empathy

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Book Self-Publishing Hotline Opens: Get Your Questions Answered

29 Nov 2016

Are you seeking to self-publish a book?  Would you like ask an expert about how to get your book self-published?  Are you seeking expert consultation on your book self-publishing project?Writers, now, can get expert advice on their book for rates that start at $250.00.Simply, first email at least a part of your manuscript.  Include with your email your specific enquiries.AgoraPublishing.com will then provide you with an estimate for expert book consultation.You can also leave a message with toll-free tel: 1-888-377-2222.Agora has been online since 1999.

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Canadian Press Release Distribution Services Helps Boost Marketing

25 Nov 2016

Are you seeking a Canadian Press Release distribution service?  Try AgoraMedia.ca.  They can provide you with great exposure for your press releases.  Check out an example of one of their press releases HERE.AgoraMedia.ca seeks to provide affordable press release services to small business owners.

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First Nations: Book Self-Publishing Services

17 Nov 2016

First Nations voices often get frustrated.  These include First Nations writers who seek to publish books.  If you 're a First Nations writer, book self-publishing offers a great opportunity for you to get published.  AgoraPublishing.com offers great rates for getting a high quality and mass-marketable book that can get into Chapters.  You can get your book self-published and into Chapters generally on a budget of $7,000 - $9,000. This price includes professional copy editing and professional book typesetting.  Contact AgoraPublishing HERE to get your book self-

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Thesis writing help

31 Oct 2016

For some understudies, fruitful accommodation and acknowledgment of a theory is required to graduate. This is particularly valid for cutting edge graduate degrees.  The way in which a theory is composed is regularly exceptionally stringent so it's vital to comprehend and apply the best possible proposition composing group.  This organization may change to some degree contingent on the specific schools prerequisites. However when all is said in done, a proposition is organized into various perse parts. Every section is intended to cover an alternate component of the propos

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Book Self-Publishing: Get a Write-To-Publish Coach for a Change

25 Oct 2016

Are you seeking to self-publish a book?Do you need help in getting your book completed?AgoraPublishing.com now offers a"Write to Publish" Coach service.They can help you prepare and produce high quality designed books with the same quality of a multi-million and billion dollar corporate trade publisher.They can also review your manuscript and give you tips on book self-publishing considerations.AgoraPublishing.com can also get you the Professional Typesetting required to get your book that professional look for bookstores like Chapters, Indigo and in the States, Barnes and Noble,Self

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Book Self-Publishing Crash Course Via Skype

18 Oct 2016

Are you writing a manuscript that you are seeking to self-publish?  We're offering a one hour crash course on how to self-publish a mass-marketable book.  This crash course costs $250.00.  You will be taught be a Write-To-Publish Coach with over 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry.  Contact us via Skype to schedule your own personalized crash course on book self-publishing.  Get free consulting / advise support for 30 days after you take our course.Our Skype Contact ID is AgoraCosmopolite

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