Toronto Writers: Book-Self-Publishing Tour

15 Sep 2016

Have you already completed as manuscript and you want to get it self-published? Are you seeking to self-publish a mass-marketable book? AgoraPublishing is going on a tour to meet with writers who want to get self-published. If you're in Toronto, contact them about a time that you would like to meet. If you're not in Toronto, find out if they plan to come to your city.

Contact AgoraPublishing HERE to get your book professionally self-published.

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Start Your Own Book Self-Publishing Company

08 Sep 2016

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to start your own book self-publishing company? Well, on the contrary starting your own book self-publishing company can be one of the easiest business start-ups. However, it all comes down to the kind of book self-publishing agency that you decide to partner with. For some time now, has been offering highly motivated freelancers the opportunity to start their own book self-publishing company and it is only advisable that you partner with them. is currently seeking for well motivated and goal-driven individuals who want to operate as freelancers for locally. The main task to be carried out by all interested freelancers is to link writers up with so that they assist these writers with the publishing of their books. This simply means that you only have to identify people who are willing and ready to self-publish their books and introduce them to will then produce mass marketable books for your clients. The best part of accepting to becoming a freelancer for is that the only work you have to do is to close deals with writers who want to produce high quality mass marketable books and then get paid handsomely.

With this opportunity being offered by, you are only expected to act as the Marketing and Sales representative for and it is for this reason that you as the freelancer need to have a good background in marketing and sales. Freelancers with a sound background in Marketing and Sales always have some kind of edge over those without any kind of knowledge. However, aside this basic requirement, your desire to succeed is always of paramount important. As a not-for-profit book self-publishing organization with both local and international recognition, it is always a WIN-WIN situation for you the freelancer. This is due to the fact that does not seek to make any kind of profit from the high quality book self-publishing services that they offer and as such a freelancer is always assured of their credibility and authenticity.

When it comes to the self-publishing of high quality mass marketable books, does everything humanly possible to ensure that each and every client achieves his or her main objectives of deciding to self-publish their own books. This can be seen in the high level of professionalism that attaches to the production of each and every single book with emphasis in areas such as typesetting, graphic design, layout, book site creation, book distribution, SEO services and cover design. These are aspects of book self-publishing that are very vital to a writer’s success. However, other book self-publishing agencies like Create Space simply ignore these aspects and therefore always end up with the production of books that are of the lowest quality and also get just a few copies sold. With a self-publishing company like Create Space, freelancers are always bound to be on the losing end of every deal due to the fact that writers become infuriated when they realize that their books could not achieve mass marketability. Such a development makes you lose credibility as writers are bound to leave various negative comments about your which serves as a warning to any potential client.

The main motive of this opportunity being offered by is to create a network of writers who want to self-publish their own books with you, the freelancer, as the link between and the writers.


Contact today and they will assist with all that you need in order to start your own book self-publishing company.

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Toronto Writers: Go Local with Book Self-Publishing

08 Sep 2016

Are you a bit sceptical about self-publishing your own books? Well, to some extent, you are right to feel a bit nervous as there are certain self-publishing companies like Create Space that have made the whole idea of self-publishing a very big risk to take. However, there is good news for all writers based in Toronto as provides you with the best self-publishing services that enable you to achieve mass marketability for all your books. This is completely not the case with companies like Create Space and other similar overseas self-publishing agencies.

With, the whole process of self-publishing your own book is made so simple and affordable. Toronto writers therefore do not have to worry about where to seek for the best self-publishing services as is entreating all up-and-coming writers to go local with services which always guarantees the production of mass marketable books. They boast of having the best customer support services and are always willing and ready to assist you achieve your aims and objectives as a professional writer. happens to be among the very few book self-publishing companies that are solely created by seasoned writers who knows what it takes to in order to have a successful writing career. With their team of self-publishing experts, you are always assured of succeeding in your career path as a writer and the best part is that they will also be checking your manuscripts for you free of charge from now until the 12th of September, 2016. This is completely unlike anything that is being offered by other similar book self-publishing service providers and as such you should not hesitate in grabbing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from

With the free checking of your manuscripts, all that you have to do is to schedule an appointment with between now and the 12th of September, 2016 and you will be offered quality services without having to pay a fee. However, the free checking of your manuscripts is only for a limited duration which means that it will not be available forever.  Choose for your self-publishing tasks and become a renowned writer without any issues. They are bringing their self-publishing services right to the doorsteps of every writer based in Toronto with the aim of helping to eliminate the numerous problems faced by writers who decide to self-publish their own books.

Contact today for the best book self-publishing services.

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Ottawa Writers: Go Local with Book Self-Publishing

08 Sep 2016

A lot of people have either had successful writing careers or otherwise due to the kind of choices that they made with regards to the publication of their books. One thing that most writers often do forget when it comes to getting their books published is that choosing the wrong publishing option can have very damaging results for your book and your writing career as a whole. This is why it is always ideal to go with the best book self-publishing companies like

As a writer based in Ottawa, you are always bound to encounter a number of low standard book self-publishing companies. However, your ability to always look out for the best self-publishing agency will show how successful you become as a writer. So instead of gambling with your writing career by trying to self-publish your book with the help of low standard self-publishing agencies like Create Space, your best shot is to go local with the Company which has been providing high quality book self-publishing services to writers all over Canada.

Self-publishing has been portrayed as a very difficult thing to do by a lot of writers and it is all down to the fact that they simply failed to seek for the services of self-publishing giants like when they decided to self-publish their own books. Anything that has the tendency to either make or break your career should never ever be taken for granted. However, this is a warning that a lot of writers who have had unsuccessful writing careers failed to heed. In short, there is no better book self-publishing organization in Ottawa that seeks to help writers produce mass marketable books than the

At, the team of professionally educated staff provides the kind of customer service that cannot be obtained from any of the other similar companies. This among other services like high quality typesetting, design and layout are what makes to stand out from all other self-publishing agencies in Ottawa. The production of mass marketable books has always been the main goal of every individual that decides to make a living as a writer and this is something that does best.

With, you are always guaranteed of producing high quality self-published books that are mass marketable. This is non-existent at other similar self-publishing companies like Create Space as their main aim is simply to make money at your expense. Go local with and become a popular and well-established writer easily.

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Ottawa High School Teachers Get Book Self-Publishing Services

05 Sep 2016

Teachers all over the world are at a point in time faced with the issue of trying to get their publications out for students to access. This is something that is expected of every modern-day teacher especially those teaching in high schools based in Ottawa. However, such a task has always been very difficult and almost impossible for most teachers teaching in Ottawa and it is due to the fact that there weren’t any quality book self-publishing agencies around then. Most of the self-publishing agencies like Create Space could only produce low standard books which always became the talk of town for all the negative reasons. This is why the introduction of quality book self-publishing services by should be seen as a much awaited development.

With the self-publishing services of, every teacher based within Ottawa can be assured of being able to produce quality publications for their students. The wish of every teacher in Ottawa is to assist his or her students in any way possible and coming out with academic publications for students is part of those things. This task of getting your publications out in the best possible way can only be achieved with the assistance of the best self-publishing experts and has a team of such professionals.

 Those days when Ottawa high school teachers had to settle for anything that was offered by self-publishing agencies like Create Space are all over as only seeks to provide self-publishing services that are of the highest quality. This is even evident in their desire to schedule meetings with potential clients at cafes that are in close proximity to the particular client. The time to upgrade your academic publications as a high school teacher in Ottawa is now and all that you need to do is to get in touch with as they are ever-ready and willing to assist you achieve your self-publishing targets.

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Ottawa Writers Get Book Self-Publishing Services

05 Sep 2016

As a writer based in Ottawa, self-publishing your own book always seems to be the best option. However, the activities of some book self-publishing agencies within Ottawa leave a lot to be desired. It is therefore not very surprising to find out that a lot of writers based in Ottawa are unable to achieve mass marketability for their self-published books. This however is all about to change as has now extended its new book self-publishing services to all writers based in Ottawa.

The numerous achievements chalked by in its provision of quality self-publishing services all over Canada make them the perfectly suited agency to handle all your self-publishing projects. It is a self-publishing agency that has been set up by writers and therefore has a deeper understanding of all the problems writers go through trying to self-publish their own books. Unlike other self-publishing agencies that have been around for some time now but hasn’t been able to deliver on their promises, really does deliver on its promise of helping writers come out with mass-marketable books.

A lot of writers have been forced to lose interest in self-publishing their own books due to the appalling nature of services rendered to them by some book self-publishing agencies. However, the introduction of self-publishing services should be seen as the dawn of a new era where writers are actually going to be assisted in the production of mass-marketable books. has also mapped out a strategy to meet with writers in various cafes all over Ottawa. This even goes to show that they really are the self-publishing agency that has your interest at heart.

Get in touch with now and set up a meeting with their team of highly trained experts and become an established and renowned writer within the shortest possible time.

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Montreal Writers Get Self-Publishing Services

03 Sep 2016

Are you a writer based in Montreal? Have you been thinking about self-publishing your books? Well, there is good news for you all as has now extended its self-publishing services to the city of Montreal. This simply means that as a writer based in Montreal, you do not have to settle for any of those low standard book self-publishing services rendered by self-publishing agencies such as Create Space. When the best self-publishing agency is in town, there is absolutely no need in going in for something else anywhere.

At, they specialize in treating every writer’s book as a completely new project and therefore do everything possible to ensure that the book becomes a best-seller. In short, they always aim to help you come out with mass-marketable books. This is something that is completely unachievable with some of the book self-publishing agencies. Such phony self-publishing agencies like Create Space are largely responsible for the inability of some writers to succeed with their chosen career.

With, you can always be rest assured that your book will be among the very best on the market if not the absolute best. This is all down to the variety of tasks that their team of experienced professionals carry out on your book before it finally comes out onto the market. Things such as typesetting, layout and design among others are properly and efficiently handled by the team unlike most self-publishing agencies that simply go with anything.

To be able to take your writing career to a whole new level through self-publishing your own books, it is very essential and important to take advantage of extending its self-publishing services to Montreal. Contact today and they will assist you in your self-publishing project. They plan to undertake such meetings in cafes located all over Montreal.

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Nova Scotia Writers Get Book Self-Publishing Services

03 Sep 2016

Once you decide to pursue a career as a writer, there are two main paths that can be taken by you and that will go a long way in determining how successful or otherwise of your writing career. These two paths are either to self-publish your own books or to go with the traditional brick and mortar publishing houses. However, the later has always been for those few writers that are willing to spend a lot of money and also prepared to wait for a very long time before getting a single book out.

Writers within certain areas have had to cope with the very few and sometimes unreliable traditional printing houses and phony self-publishing agencies especially those in Nova Scotia. For this reason, has extended its book self-publishing services to help cater for the self-publishing needs of writers within Nova Scotia. By this singular act, aims to help writers in Nova Scotia to also have access to the kind of quality self-publishing services that has led to a lot of writers elsewhere gaining widespread fame and popularity.

Not many book self-publishing agencies can guarantee the production of mass marketable books but that is something does with ease. With the assistance of the experienced and customer-friendly team of professionals, you are always assured of achieving mass marketability with your books. They also do provide a client-based self-publishing service which means that their services are not generalized and so they treat every book as a new project on its own. With so many phony and unreliable book self-publishing companies around, it is always very essential to partner with the very best in order to guarantee your success as an author.

Contact today in order to book an appointment and the best part is that they have decided to meet writers at Cafes across Nova Scotia. This is to ensure that you do not go through numerous difficulties in your quest to access their quality book self-publishing services.

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New Brunswick Writers Get Book Self-Publishing Services

03 Sep 2016

For some time now, writers have had to endure very torrid times in their bid to self-publish their own books. This was mainly due to the fact that quality self-publishing agencies were very difficult to come by. However, there is good news for all writers as has extended their awesome and high quality book self-publishing services to New Brunswick. is a book self-publishing agency that has been providing one of the best self-publishing services to writers within Canada and their decision to extend their services to New Brunswick should be hailed by all writers. They are one of the very few self-publishing agencies that were established by a writer and therefore really understand the various needs of other writers. This simply means that at, they undertake researches which enable them to come to terms with the needs of writers in order to come out with a mass-marketable book.

Only a few of the book self-publishing agencies can boast of helping writers come out with books that are of the highest quality and achieve mass marketability within a short period of time and happens to be among this few. Their services are always provided by well trained and a highly qualified team of professionals. This team enables that your book gets published in the most professional way that sets it apart from other low standard self-published books. It is the dream of every writer to achieve mass marketability with his or her books and this is something does easily.

 Contact today to schedule an appointment. Due to the fact that they are in existence simply assist writers with their self-publishing needs, they plan to meet writers at cafes across the length and breadth of New Brunswick to help plan out the production of their book self-publishing project. Get in touch with today.

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Book Self-Publishing Relies on Quality Typesetting

24 Aug 2016

A lot of unsavoury articles and blogs have been written about the problems that one stands to encounter when he or she decides to go with self-publishing of his or her own books. However, contrary to the various negative claims made against book self-publishing, has been providing stiff competition and far better publishing services to all up and coming writers who prefer to self-publish their own books.

Not long ago, self-published books were considered to be of a very low standard with regards to essential areas such as typesetting. It was then believed that only the traditional brick and mortar publishing houses could provide the kind of quality typesetting necessary for the production of mass-marketable books. However, the services being provided by the self-publishing agency has helped to debunk such misconceptions. Such misconceptions have discouraged a lot of writers from self-publishing their own books and that has in turn kept them from flourishing in the writing industry.

The typesetting of any book, whether self-published or produced from any of the traditional publishing houses, always has a very important role to play in how successful or marketable the book will be on the market. It is for this reason that has since its establishment relied on quality typesetting among other essential aspects in its quest to publish mass-marketable books for each and every one of their clients. With their professional typesetting services, you are always guaranteed of getting mass marketable books that are of the highest quality onto the market. This is something that is very difficult to achieve from most of the self-publishing agencies and even the traditional publishing houses.

Make that very important decision to give the chance to assist you in your self-publishing quest and you will be amazed at how marketable your book will be on the market.

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