Gamble Online to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

16 May 2017

When you consider that most casinos are open 24/7, it isn’t a mystery that they can pack a huge punch to the environment. The electricity used to power the buildings alone is overwhelming, particularly in the mega-casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. Gambling is entertaining, however, which is why so many flock to casinos each year. If you love to try your luck but are concerned about how your gaming habit affects the environment, consider online gambling instead of the real McCoy.

It Is the Real McCoy, Actually will tell you that online gambling is the real McCoy, actually, and it is. When you play in a virtual game room, you not only have the opportunity to try your luck at your favorite game and win real cash, you also join in on a growing trend: social casino gaming. While playing online, you’ll be playing alongside or against people from all over the world, which makes your casino experience international, almost as if you were sitting at a blackjack table in Monte Carlo.

There are numerous online casinos operating in Canada and throughout the world, and some of them are an online incarnation of your favorite brick-and-mortar establishment. The gambling industry has made strides over the last few decades to reduce its carbon footprint, and many of the major casinos offer their entertainment online for qualified adults. How does the gambling industry harm the environment? It does so through many of its normal operations.

Electrical Usage

As mentioned above, a casino uses a ton of electricity. Naturally, an operation that offers 24-hour entertainment must keep the lights on all night long. There is interior and exterior lighting, as well as bright signage to draw patrons through the door. Once inside, you have hundreds if not thousands of machines for gamblers, including slots, video blackjack, and video poker. Dining and entertainment is powered, as are business centers, hotel rooms, or other amenities.


Money isn’t the only paper flying around inside a casino. In fact, many casinos are going cashless today by installing machines that issue tickets that winners cash in at the cage. Nonetheless, the tickets are paper, the playing cards at the tables are paper, there remains a paper cash exchange, and all the receipts from your activities while in that venue there are made of paper. Did you know that a pack of cards only lasts one day at a casino? No wonder this industry has such a negative impact on the environment.

Waste Management

You can only imagine the amount of trash a casino generates, especially if it’s a full-service hotel with additional event accommodations. The refuse that leaves a casino in one day is mind boggling, and there isn’t much they can do to help it. When you run an entertainment business of any kind, there is waste, and janitorial personnel work tirelessly to keep the establishment clean by throwing away thousands of pounds of garbage a day. That’s a lot for a landfill to handle.

When you play in an online casino, you eliminate all of these hazards to the environment, sans the power it takes to run your computer, smartphone, or tablet. With online gaming, you can gamble with a clear conscience that your fun isn’t contributing to global warming.

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Internet Gaming: A Strongly Under-Covered Topic

23 Feb 2017

Online gambling has become a more prevelant activity on the internet. Real money gaming venues, such as the Platinum Play casino, keep popping up all over, offering players quick, convenient access to their favorite games over the internet. Some gaming destinations keep it simple - the Platinum Play, for example, uses a tried and tested schematic by simply offering players their favorite games grouped by game type. Others wrap this emerging form of online entertainment in a more attractive package, focusing on the fun part of the game rather than the winning part, offering players a competitive, social environment to play in.

Online gambling is continuously growing and spreading. While some countries have legal frameworks that refuse to handle its growth, the players themselves are finding ways - often loopholes in state laws - to seek out the games they are after. Yet, even with more than two decades passing since the emergence of the phenomenon, there is a serious lack of data about the true nature of the business.

On the other hand, there is a lot of content going around about the controversial nature of the online gambling industry. It is often only mentioned in a one-sided context promoted by its opponents, focusing on its addictive nature. This is a phenomenon that is widespread in North America, where the anti-online gambling rhetoric is often supported by the multi-billion dollar land-based gambling industry. These claims are often without any scientific support, and the industry itself has been insufficiently studied for the release of such categoric claims.

The only scientific study that has taken a closer look at the online gambling phenomenon so far - with a reasonably large number of participants - was conducted by the Harvard Medical School's Division on Addiction and published in 2014, two full decades after the emergence of the business. The study pointed out some important differences between land-based gambling and online casinos like the Platinum Play, shedding light for the first time on the gaming habits of internet casino players. The study shows that playing at online casinos is much more similar to playing social games than to playing in a land-based casino, both when it comes to the frequency of the activity and the amounts players spend - and lose. It also shows that only a small percentage of players - up to 5% of the 4000+ sample - have engaged in an excessive gambling behavior, far less than the opponents of the industry.

All things considered, the majority of the materials available about the online gambling phenomenon are either partaking, fuelled by affiliate revenues or the fear of being pushed out of business, or dry and scientific, hard to understand for the average reader. Online gambling is still not covered enough by impartial parties that could point out the true benefits and dangers of the business.

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Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum offers Toronto and Victoria Patients McDonald's style Drive-Thru Healthcare

29 Dec 2016

Because, we, as Canadians are not directly billed when going to see a family physician or specialist, we have become less aware of the charges that we are, in fact, paying for healthcare, as taxpayers.  Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who operates clinics in both Toronto and in Victoria B.C is a lesson to us all on contributing factors in the ballooning of healthcare costs.  Dr. Tenenbaum shows just how one doctor can exploit and undermine our whole public medicare system through apparent selfish pursuits, avarice and sheer callous disregard.

Arguably, most doctors across Canada act responsibility when it comes to billing government on the costs of treating patients.  However, all it takes is a small handful of doctors who have a sense of entitlement to squeeze the system for what it's worth, and then to rack-up billions of dollars in costs.  Indeed, all it takes is a small handful of doctors driven by material pursuits over the lives of patients to entirely destabilize and deplete public finances on public healthcare.

In Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum's case, this doctor appears to be in the latter group of abusers of our valued system of public healthcare.  Multiple complainants have posted online reviews on Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum's apparent McDonald's Drive Thru style exploitation of the elderly and other patients.

Dr. Tenenbaum appears to be systematically prescribing unnecessary or “dead-end” tests designed to drive-up medicare billing at taxpayer expense only to then tell patients at the end of MRI or other expensive tests that “they are fat, now go lose some weight” or “here's a Tylenol” at the end of it all.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels gas been one such patient of Dr. Jerry Tenenabum.  For two years, Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum "poked" and "prodded" this once veritable super strong woman for test after test promising ameliorative treatment which never came.  After tests which included MRIs, all she had to eventually show for her very extended long wait for treatment was Tylenol he prescribed, and chronic high blood pressure thanks to a nasal spray which he had been well-informed that she previously had allergic reactions.

Dr. Tenenbaum didn't appear to care though because now he could perform more tests!  More tests, more money from you the taxpayer!  As a result of Dr. Tenenbaum's apparent malpractice and callous disregard of ethics, Dezrin can no longer walk, write and talk.

And Dezrin was not the only patient whose life Dr. Tenenbaum has ruined.  But does he even give a damn?

To make matters worse, Dr. Tenenbaum is leveraging and muscling the system through his seniority after having been in medical practice for many years to get tests that go nowhere. But, then again; more tests, mo' money!  This has occurred while other patients who have ethical and possibly less senior doctors who actually need the tests to prescribe actual treatment are left to wait and wait.

Dezrin had thought though that Dr. Tenenbaum was using his authority in the system to expedite tests toward expediting treatment.  However, it is apparent that she was sorely mistaken!  Instead, it's apparent that Dr. Tenenbaum was simply trying to hasten his exploitation of our public medicare system.

If we, as Canadians, are to save our public healthcare system, it is vital that we hold such doctors accountable for their abuses of the system, and demand, if necessary that they resign their medical license in favour of doctors who genuinely want to help patients rather than to prop up their lifestyle.

A doctor ought to not be viewing their patients like the typical lawyer who wants to extract as much money as they can from their clients through so-called "billable" hours that often leave less affluent clients high and dry.  But in this case, when a doctor approaches their patients in such a manner it is you the taxpayer who is being put needlessly into debt

Indeed, over 1000 signatories have, so far, sought to rally in support of Dezrin and against the macabre activities of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who also has turned a blind eye to Dezrin's further abuse by her husband.

Online petition is here -

On a back of a chocolate box Dezrin had wrote a note to Raymond, her son, tat “Dad abuses me”.

Such doctors are unethical and have no business being subsidizes at the expense of Canadian taxpayers who value our public healthcare system and expect that when they go for medical treatment, if required, that the doctor's priority is their betterment.

Being a doctor is among our most respected professions in our Canadian society, and we as Canadians cannot afford to have a complacent view on doctors who may be seeking to milk our healthcare system without any empathy in the welfare of their patients.

Harm done by doctors like Dr. Tenenbaum harm us all, and exploit the very system that is backbone of the quality-of-living that Canadians desire.

Here are some examples of patient reviews on Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum:

One patient in Toronto commented that ,“During my last visit to this doctor, I feel that he rushed things up. I thought the doctor would have discussed about the treatment with me a little bit longer but he did not. My meeting with him only did not even last for about 5 minutes before I went out of his office. I thought also he would have showed interest but he did not. I wouldn’t recommend this doctor to anyone.”

Yet another patient specifically made one rather long comment about his apparent “Drive Thru” practice on 15 October 2014 (unedited representation):

“This Dr. is useless. He is always in a a rush ( I am not sure why his office is almost empty when I go). I explained to him that my lymph nodes are swollen he tells me to get my family dr. to make a referral for a neck ultrasound...why can't he make the referral?. Now I have to go to my family dr to make an appointment (waste of the health care system). Then once the ultrasound is done I have to go back the family dr. to get a copy of the report (which is important because the technician said to me my lymph nodes are on the larger side of normal so I have to worry about lymphoma and should get ultrasounds once per year to monitor) but of course the hospital forgets to send the report to the family dr. My point here, he should be dealing with this, it is because of my sojgerns syndrome that I needed the tests in the first place. Now he doesn't even know that I should get the tests done once per year-because the lab report is somewhere in the wind but even if he did know he would probably make me go to the family dr. to make the referral every year ugh) When my endocrinologist wants a test done she makes the referral and so should my rheumatologist. He did initially diagnose my condition but any rheumatologist can order blood work and read the lab results all in all, he treats his practice like a McDonalds drive through and he is pretty useless.”

Another patient in Toronto similarly posts that, ”This doctor is very rude and arrogant. It seems like he's more concerned with getting you out of his office as fast as he can. Barely makes eye contact and truly lacks any remorse for your condition. This is my person opinion based on my experience with Dr. Tenenbaum.”

In Victoria, another patient documents “In my opinion, one of the worst specialist I have ever had to deal with. Every time I had an appointment there at his clinic, I could hear him tell all the patients the same thing "Exercise, loose weight, etc." When I went to him desperate to get answers, he was rude, insulted me and gave me the same answers I could hear him give all the other patients. Told me I was fat, lazy, and need more exercise. He was wrong. I found another specialist who has been great at helping me have a better quality of life without pain pills. I am also suspicious a lot of these comments on here with 5 stars are fake, probably his staff or the Dr. himself????? I am suspicious Dr. Tenenbaum is just running an MSP paper-billing-machine. I am suspicious Dr. Tenenbaum is abusing MSP billing, and acting incompetent in his level of expertise, that he claims he has.”

Indeed, could Dr. Tenenbaum himself be responsible for the apparent 5-star reviews that were all of a sudden published about him only after the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons began to investigate him?

Here's another review by a “satisfied” patient in Victoria:

“This is the one doctor I wish I had never seen. He originally gave me a dx back in 06, but failed to help me manage said dx. He chalked it up to me being overweight (he wasn't exactly a healthy weight, either!) and, even after losing all of my excess weight and doing a total lifestyle overhaul, I am still in constant pain. He didn't do anything to help me manage the pain levels. He only suggested I 'get more sleep' but refused to help me with that. As somebody that still struggles with chronic insomnia, getting 'more sleep' isn't always attainable! Thankfully, I have since found somebody with considerably more empathy, who has actually helped me with my pain issues. 8 years after dealing with this "doctor" and I'm finally seeing some progress!”

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Ottawa Writers: Book Self-Publishing Service Ensures Mass-Marketability

27 Dec 2016

Up and coming writers are always subjected to a whole barrage of problems when it comes to the publishing of their new books. This problem is even more pronounced when the right book self-publishing agency is not sought for. Since it is a known fact that any little mistake or oversight can bring an individual’s writing career to an abrupt end regardless of how good the writer is. This goes on to show that it is always a must for a writer to ensure that he or she obtains self-publishing services from the best agency around.

As a writer staying within the boundaries of Ottawa, presents you with the best opportunity to get your books self-published without any problems whilst also ensuring that your book achieves mass marketability. Unlike most of the book self-publishing agencies around that only seeks to make profit from up and coming writers, always puts the needs of the writer ahead of every other thing. This means that until a writer has been able to achieve his or her objectives of deciding to self-publish his or her books, never ever thinks of the agency’s profit.

Self-publishing your own book has been made to appear so scary by most book self-publishing agencies and this has led to the total loss of interest in such an area by up and coming writers. However, with, the whole process of book self-publishing is made very simple and effortless as they take it upon themselves to ensure that writers are brought up to par with everything relating to self-publishing a book easily. With, you are always assured of achieving mass-marketability with your self-published book(s).

There are areas that must always be well handled if one is to achieve mass-marketability with his or her self-published book(s) but sadly enough, these very areas are always left by most of the book self-publishing agencies. Areas such as typesetting, design and layout all have a telling effect on how marketable a book will be and so when such areas are left to chance, the writing career of an individual is gambled with. When you pay thousands of dollars to get your book self-published and only manages to sell less than a hundred copies, then you should know that your self-publishing agency is not doing something right. At, you are guaranteed of getting maximum copies of your book sold without any problem.

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Ottawa Writers: Book Self-Publishing Service

27 Dec 2016

Are you thinking of where to self-publish your new book without any problems? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as provides you with one of the best book self-publishing services for all writers based in Ottawa. is one of the very few book self-publishing companies that go the extra mile to ensure that the whole idea of self-publishing a book is demystified and also made very simple and affordable for all writers regardless of their financial strengths.

Why go with

The benefits that a writer stands to gain by opting to get his or her book self-published by are numerous and long-lasting when compared to other similar book self-publishing agencies in Ottawa and even worldwide. Some of these benefits include the following;

Publishing of mass-marketable books: At, they see to it that each and every single book that gets published is able to achieve mass-marketability. The aim of every writer who decides to go with self-publishing his or her books is to get a large number of copies sold within a very short time and also to be recognized as one of the very best authors. These are things that writers always achieve when they seek for the self-publishing services of

Affordable self-publishing services: A lot of up and coming writers have lost interest in self-publishing their own books. This is simply due to the cumbersome procedure that writers have to go through in order to get their books self-published coupled with the bottleneck fees that most book self-publishing agencies charge writers. However, at, a writer is bound to experience the complete opposite of all that most of the inferior self-publishing agencies do. Self-publishing fees are placed at very affordable prices at and they also go further to ensure that the whole self-publishing process is made very simple.

The best professionals in self-publishing: Unlike most of the book self-publishing agencies around that have only amateurs who see to it that writers get their books self-published, boasts of a self-publishing team of professionals who have acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to self-publish a book that is of the highest quality. These professionals always work tirelessly to ensure that each and every self-published book has everything that it needs in order to be regarded as being among the best self-published books in Ottawa and the world at large.

Contact today and welcome the best self-publishing service at a very affordable fee.

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Toronto to Victoria: Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s Record of Apparent Medical Malpractices

21 Dec 2016

If a medical doctor with a track record of constantly having issues with his patients and abusing them is allowed to still keep on practicing, then a lot of questions need to be asked of the institutions that have been put in place to control such people.

Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has needlessly presided over the complete deteriorating health condition of Dezrin’s Carby-Samuels through negligence and apparent callous disregard of basic patient care. Previously, this same doctor had been negatively reviewed by a greater number of his patients as being very rude, having a lack of empathy for the plight of his patients.  This includes making rude comments to patients even in public and also having little regard for patient’s previous medical records.

Dezrin, once an extremely energetic albeit elderly woman has now been rendered completely physically incapacitated as she can no longer do anything on her own including even walking or talking. The baffling aspect of Dezrin’s case is that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum simply broke countless number of medical rules and regulations relating to the code of ethics of medical doctors and surgeons.

When a doctor decides to ignore the various professional advice from Dezrin’s previous healthcare providers and go ahead to administer nasal spraying on her even though she was allergic to such drugs goes beyond understanding and can never be put down a simple medical malpractice. Any kind of medical malpractice that completely brings about the deterioration of a patient’s condition should never ever be taken lightly. This is sadly just the situation right now as a lot of people in high places have simply decided to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the numerous cases of patient abuse reported against Dr Jerry Tenenbaum.

The long term effects of allowing such apparent medical malpractices like that of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum to go unchecked will always be very dire to patients and the country as a whole.

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Book Self-Publishing Hotline Opens: Get Your Questions Answered

29 Nov 2016

Are you seeking to self-publish a book?  Would you like ask an expert about how to get your book self-published? 

Are you seeking expert consultation on your book self-publishing project?

Writers, now, can get expert advice on their book for rates that start at $250.00.

Simply, first email at least a part of your manuscript.  Include with your email your specific enquiries. will then provide you with an estimate for expert book consultation.

You can also leave a message with toll-free tel: 1-888-377-2222.

Agora has been online since 1999.

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Canadian Press Release Distribution Services Helps Boost Marketing

25 Nov 2016

Are you seeking a Canadian Press Release distribution service?  Try  They can provide you with great exposure for your press releases.  Check out an example of one of their press releases HERE. seeks to provide affordable press release services to small business owners.

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First Nations: Book Self-Publishing Services

17 Nov 2016

First Nations voices often get frustrated.  These include First Nations writers who seek to publish books.  If you 're a First Nations writer, book self-publishing offers a great opportunity for you to get published. offers great rates for getting a high quality and mass-marketable book that can get into Chapters.  You can get your book self-published and into Chapters generally on a budget of $7,000 - $9,000. This price includes professional copy editing and professional book typesetting.  Contact AgoraPublishing HERE to get your book self-published.

One of Agora's books was actually featured on Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN).  The title of that book is Toward a Native-Canadian Equal Rights Amendment.

Email if you want to get an expert evaluation of your manuscript.  The cost is $500.00.  Their email address is

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Thesis writing help

31 Oct 2016

For some understudies, fruitful accommodation and acknowledgment of a theory is required to graduate. This is particularly valid for cutting edge graduate degrees. 

The way in which a theory is composed is regularly exceptionally stringent so it's vital to comprehend and apply the best possible proposition composing group. 

This organization may change to some degree contingent on the specific schools prerequisites. However when all is said in done, a proposition is organized into various perse parts. Every section is intended to cover an alternate component of the proposal. The sections may be masterminded as takes after: 

Part One - This section sets out the motivation behind the theory and the essential purpose behind its improvement. Ordinarily it is required to have this data and particularly essential to demonstrate the advantage and essentialness of this postulation. 

Part on the survey of the writing. This part alludes to a hefty portion of the writing used to build up this proposition and its hugeness on it. It must contain more data than only a posting of the writing referenced. It ought to likewise demonstrate how this writing was utilized to build up the proposition. 

A section on procedure talked about how information was gathered and broke down. It likewise examines the information gathering strategies and shows how the information was deciphered. 

When all is said in done part 4 shows the discoveries of the exploration. It doesn't break down the information essentially. Or maybe it displays the immediate results from the information. thesis writing help

Part 5 gives promote examination on the information and point close by. It relates these discourses to different discoveries to show likenesses and contrasts and why they might be vital. 

The organization explains how the sections and passages should be sorted out . It additionally more often than not covers how references ought to be handle. Contingent on the school, it might even determine text dimension and sort. 

It is vital to check with you proposal consultant to verify that you take after all required arrangement and substance rules. You would prefer not to have your proposal rejected for minor infractions of misinterpretations of these rules.

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