Technology Boosts Online Casino World

10 Mar 2017

Since its evolution back in the year 1995, the online casino industry has established rapidly and is reported to be a $100 - billion dollars’ industry at present. As reported by several gambling commissions throughout the world, in the recent years, the profits of brick and mortar casinos have deteriorated immensely. At the same time, the craze of online gambling is spreading far and wide with online casinos using new technologies such as Location Gambling, Big Data and Virtual Reality Casinos to provide an enhanced user experience. This, in turn, has changed the way the online casino world used to function before.

 Location Gambling and its Effect on Online Casino World

 These new technologies have enabled the users to have much more entertainment while playing online casino games. The popularity of smartphones and advent of mobile casinos are the major reasons attributed to the expansion of this market. With the location gambling, the casinos are now able to track the user’s location and therefore provide a greater real-time experience. Players can now connect with other players which make the games more competitive and challenging and therefore more fun to play.

 According to the CEO of a big online casino firm, “The mobiles have changed the way this industry used to function earlier. No one steps out of the house without a phone, hence you may find people playing at online casinos almost everywhere while waiting to board a train or fighting some boredom from the comfort of their couches.”

 Big Data Mining – More Power to the Gamblers

 The immense computing power of Big Data has empowered the gamblers across the world including Canada. Users can now track their statistics on online casino websites, thereby improving and increasing their chances of winning. All the more, some Canadian online casinos help the users by providing more information, therefore enabling them to strategize more efficiently.

 A senior official at an online casino company reports, “Mobile gaming is much more addictive than playing at a real casino. Here, the informed players are able to read the additional information provided only in online casino gaming and use it to make informed decisions to play more games.”

 Virtual and Augmented Reality

 The advent of virtual and augmented reality has added a completely new face to this industry. The ability to play their favourite online casino games coupled with the chance to interact with other players with the help of a headset and a microphone has taken this entertainment industry to a whole new level.

 But, every coin has two sides. With the benefits, there might be so downsides as well. Is this so much of new technology too much excessive? The ease of playing on mobile phones has a potential to make the people much more addicted to gambling as compared to the earlier times. What will happen in the future, only time will tell? But for now, this technology has certainly added a whole new dimension to a gambling experience.

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Why Online Gambling Is Extremely Popular

27 May 2016

The onset of this massive giant network we call Internet altered the gambling industry in a unique and fascinating way. If online betting and gambling was considered a quite shady practice a decade ago now is accepted by most people. Money wagered in online casinos have increased exponentially each each and we can say that the stage is set. Let's see why online gambling has become so popular.

This immense popularity makes sense since this now overwhelming industry now offers gamblers access to global betting and gambling markets from the comfort of their home, or from their smartphones if they're on the go. In other words, online gambling took Vegas casinos and made them completely available to any adult on Earth.

The industry has become so organized and so popular that no legitimate company would try to risk the future of their business by ripping off gamblers. Credibility is key to success and on this market words travel fast.


Promotions and bonuses are one essential part of online gambling, and they are never provided by land-based casinos or local bookies. Almost all online brands offer some sort of first deposit bonus or at least some free spins, in addition to reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses and other extras.

These bonuses often come attached to wagering requirements, but they are about 20 to 30 times the deposit+bonus amount so most gamblers manage to withdraw some winnings. You can get to grips with 777 free slots if you don't want to risk real money first.

VIP Programs are also common at most online gambling venues and reputable companies reward High-Rollers with incredible bonuses which often include tickets to different events or holidays.

Payments: No Risks and Plenty of Confidence

Local casinos aren't always trustworthy and you can't check many things about them unless they are a reputable company. As we said, there is simply no guarantee that you will get paid. There are excellent online operators out there and everything they offer is so transparent that you just can't skip this chance.

There are reputable casino websites out there which do not have any no-pays or slow-pays in their history of operation. You can check some of these sites at

Play for Free

The best part about using casino websites is that you can sign up and play with demo money until you get to grips with certain slots. For instance, if you want to play Thunderstruck II but don't want to risk your hard-earned money you can just 'test run' the slot for free. Once you get confident enough you can place actual wagers.

Isn't that great?

A Wider Selection of Slots and Games

There are almost one thousand online casinos right now on the Internet and each of them offers more slots and table games than a Las Vegas or Macau casino. That's because space on the Internet is virtually unlimited and the physical limit does not exist. You can play tens of versions of Baccarat, Poker, Keno, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette and hundreds of slots.

They are usually one click away.

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Book Self-Publishing: Learn How to Produce and Publish EBooks

16 Mar 2016

To earn a living as a well established writer has always been a very dynamic venture. Things keep on changing with the passage of time and it is up to you to make sure that you always stay up to date with the latest developments in the area.

EBooks or electronic books are now the latest things when it comes to the writing and publishing of books. The introduction of eBook publishing have been a very positive thing to writers but it is very sad to find out that most of the writers out there keep making very avoidable and preventable mistakes which go a long way to damage their writing careers. As a writer, there are certain vital things that you need to know if you wish to go with producing and publishing an eBook. However, a lot of writers do take everything for granted and after a short insight into publishing an eBook, they decide to publish their own book.

Publishing of an eBook may be the latest thing in the area of book self-publishing but that does not mean that readers will patronise any eBook that is lazily done. You therefore need to have the requisite insight when it comes to producing and publishing an eBook if it is your desire to come out with one. Fortunately enough, there is currently a book published on which makes the whole process of producing and publishing an eBook as easy as you can ever get. This book goes by the title “E-book publishing and Marketing 101”.

The E-book Publishing and Marketing 101 simply takes you through all the rubrics and intricate areas that you need to understand in order to publish an eBook that meets the requirements of your readers. Things like book formatting, editing, typesetting, promoting and even marketing your eBook are well treated in the E-book and very simple sentences that are easy to comprehend are also used in order to ensure that you do not find it difficult to apply what you learn from it.

Although an eBook is a very cost effective way of becoming a renowned writer with huge gains, it should be noted that the least mistake or oversight also comes with long lasting damages both to you and your career. This is why you need this E-book published by to help you come to terms with the various issues involved in producing and publishing an eBook to meet the high standards set by most of the bestsellers.

The E-book Publishing and Marketing 101 helps in eliminating the misconception that producing and publishing an eBook is a daunting task that can only be successfully achieved by the very best authors with strong financial backing. All you need to do is to get a copy of this awesome E-book from and you will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to get your eBook to become a bestseller in no time at all.

In order to guarantee your future as a renowned eBook writer, you need to get a copy of the E-book Publishing and Marketing 101 from at a very affordable fee.

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EBooks: Learn How to Write and Produce Like a Pro

15 Mar 2016

Are you a writer who gets fascinated by the books of renowned authors in the world? Do you wish to attain such a status as a professional writer? Well, this is your chance to also get the assistance that you need in order to be able to rock shoulders with the very best in the area of writing books. All you need to do is to get a copy of the amazing book titled “E-book Publishing and Marketing 101”.

This is an E-book that has been published to help bridge the gap between writers who are considered as novices and the very best professionals. For all this years, the main deciding factor between Pro writers and novices has never been about the contents of their books but rather about things like formatting, editing, typesetting, designing, layout and the various strategies used in marketing one’s book.

Although readers love to read a book that has an interesting and exciting theme, it should be noted that the best themed book if not properly done can be seen as the work of a lazy writer. This is why the E-book Publishing and Marketing 101 is a must-have for all writers who wish to learn how to write and produce like a pro. The book simply guides you through the various dos and don’ts in publishing your own book whilst also ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to produce high quality books with mass marketability.

The book ushers you into a world where you are able to identify what readers need and how they want it to be without necessarily having to ask them personally.

If it has always been your dream to become a well renowned and celebrated writer then get a copy of this book in order to cross the bridge between the novice and the absolute professionals.

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Freelance Writing Literature Review Help

09 Mar 2016

If you are writing good stuff why not to try to self-publish it. You are a freelance writer and have been successfully doing this kind of activity for quite a long time, so now you should think about the idea of self-publishing. Sooner or later, every writer gives it a try. Whether you are ambitious or not, you would still be pleased to see your book on the shelves in a bookstore.

The process of self-publishing is far more com plicated than it seems to be at first glance, though. Many self-published freelance writers have already experienced and keep on experiencing all the pros and cons of book releasing. If you are a freelance writer who decided to self-publish a book you should be ready to invest into this kind of business project.

Self-publishing is a highly consuming process that requires a lot of time, patience, and money of course. Unfortunately, it is so. If you want your book to get high selling rates, it is not enough just to write a good piece of literature. Although it is the most significant and important requirement, there are other features that influence greatly the book selling rates.

The way it is presented and advertised plays an invaluable role in the process of book promotion. Modern readers are already sophisticated and demanding consumers who are fed up with low-quality literature, the amount of which is constantly growing on the book market. You need to understand what your readers want and expect and be able to satisfy their requirements and expectations.

Basically, anyone who desires to publish his/her book has such an opportunity. The question is what amount of money you are ready to pay to sell your book. As it was previously mentioned, the content of your book can be just perfect, but nobody will appreciate it unless you pay for promotion and ensure your book is accessible for potential readers. Professional editing, design,  marketing, and God only knows what other kind of promoting services are to be paid for to get sufficient and satisfactory result.

Freelance writers may doubt whether it is justified to pay for these kinds of services the importance of which may seem afterthought. Then, you probably have heard nothing about marketing. Marketing is an absolutely necessary kind of service you have to pay for if you need to sell your book. Shortly, the main purpose of marketing services is to sell a product.

The number of marketing tools is so multiple and versatile that you may end up spending all your money on merely posting web advertisements, as an example. Consequently, the cost of these services does vary from one agency to another. The question is how much money are you going to invest in your book publishing process?

Without proper marketing, it is almost a hopeless intention, unless you are always a well-established writer with loyal readers who are patiently waiting for the next book to appear on the shelves in a nearby bookstore. If you are a new writer without reputation, the decision to publish your writings is difficult to make because there are no guarantees for success.

Moreover, high rate of competition is predetermined by the striking number of self-published books. If you have money to pay for a good cover design, professional editing service and remarkable blurb, you will probably get the promised result. Still, it turns that a freelance writer cannot manage successfully to release his/her books without paying for the mentioned services. Nowadays, they are important components of self-publishing process. Your book may be simply ignored due to the absence of the stated characteristics.

Anyway, a writer should get the idea that every book needs to be invested in to be noticed in the pile of other screaming covers or else you might start thinking that you have no talent for writing. It usually happens when the first confident self-publishing attempt fails. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should not give it a try. Only those who dare are given a chance to succeed.

Finally, if you are passionate about publishing your own book but think that you don’t have the desired skill to write a publication, get it written by some expert third party, like and publish in your name. In this way, despite lacking the writing skills you will get your desired dream fulfilled.

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Book Self-Publishing: Writers Often Ignore Typesetting To Their Sales Peril

22 Jan 2016

The internet has helped to facilitate a book self-publishing revolution.  Unfortunately 99% of writers who seek to self-publish will end up with obviously "amateur-looking" self-published books which don't have quality typesetting and layout.  Such books will not be eligible to be distributed in large booksellers like Indigo-Chapters in Canada and Barnes and Nobles in the States. Getting a professional typesetter is therefore vital for writers who hope to sell more than 50 or 100 copies of their book. Quality typesetting and layout starts from the book cover of your self-published book into the entire presentation of the inside of your book. 

Do you want your books to get the respect that it deserves from professional reviews who can make a huge difference in the commercial success of your book? Do you want professional book buyers to line up to help sell your book?  Are you seeking to sell more than 50 or 100 copies of your book?  Then, I invite you to read on.

What is typesetting?

Typesetting is a complex process that include a variety of tasks such as arranging text, pictures and graphs in every page in order to have them ready for printing. This includes selecting the best style, size and composition of each and every paragraph, photograph and design element. Typesetting should not be mistaken for typography, which concerns the designing of an adequate font that makes the language legible, and the text readable and appealing when displayed.

Initially, typesetting was the task of a few craftsmen who did this job manually. The main goal of typesetting was that of identifying the authorship of any publication, making it difficult for copiers to forge any manuscript. Today the job of typesetters has changed dramatically and their tasks have become more complex. They have to take into account multiple aspects of the presentation, layout and formatting in order to produce a document that is both engaging and professional looking.  Although this may not seem a complicated process, the time and effort needed to prepare a first-class document is not derisory. Any expert typesetter will tell you that there are innumerable aspects that need to be handled to produce a quality manuscript.

Why is the design of your manuscript important?

You have probably heard about books not having to be judged by their cover. However, as a professional writer you will know how the book market works. Many first-time self-publishers consider the front cover as the only relevant element of their book. But the design of the pages inside have just as much importance and requires almost the same amount of careful consideration.

This is why any professional writer should be aware of the importance of hiring a professional typesetting in order to guarantee the success of any manuscript. You can be sure that every dollar invested in typesetting is not wasted, but necessary to achieve success. A professional typesetter will ensure that your book is not only prime quality but also that it looks as such.

Competition in the publishing market is fierce and design should not be something a writer should worry about. Joining forces with the best professionals in the field will help you ‘get rid’ of these worries, while ensuring that your book develops its full potential. This is why, an agency whose primary goal is to ensure high quality typesetting is critical to the production of  your self-published books!

Why are professional typesetters necessary?

A professional typesetter takes care of choosing the right fonts, justification, paragraph, line, word and letter spacing; makes sure that your publication meets all the necessary criteria for printing; and often proofreads and checks consistency. Moreover, typesetting services increasingly include services such as web publication and they are often used to produce coded web files and pdf files.

Nowadays, the rise of desktop publishing which can generate layouts and typographic quality text equivalent to traditional typography using specific software, has eroded the reputation of typesetting experts. But having a superb layout still requires the skills of a professional typesetter with the ability to handle complex software. Moreover, a skilled typesetter has flair, an artistic eye and the ability to distinguish a professional layout from an amateurish publication, a crucial element to ensure that your publication is successful.

This job requires meticulous attention to detail and application of expert standards. Any typesetter’s primary concern is to make the document not only understandable, but engaging as well. This involves a creative process that requires both the passion and dedication of an expert such as Having a good typesetter would make any document shine with a new light, while bad typesetting could make the hard work and efforts of any writer go to waste.

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Book Self-Publishing: Top 5 Reasons Authors Can Get Boost from YouTube

21 Jan 2016

Authors, even established authors, simply aren’t making enough use of the electronic media at their disposal for marketing books. has identified this marketing gap and has begun to offer a service that allows authors to reach their audience with a professionally conducted YouTube interview. But why should you be interested? We investigate the top 5 reasons why this approach is the new way to become a famous author overnight.

  1. Share and share alike

If your interview is interesting, insightful or amusing, it could end up going viral. And you wouldn’t be the first to find fame through YouTube. Music star Justin Bieber started his career here. If one person sees your interview and likes it enough to share it with friends, and they like it just as much and share it with others, you have a free route to exponential publicity.

  1. The news media won’t be interested unless…

Usually, the news media won’t be interested in your book unless you’re a famous author. But YouTube can make you famous, and then they’ll be beating a path to your door. Your professional YouTube interview could turn into the vehicle that takes you on a journey towards fame and fortune!

  1. It sure beats the blurb and will do you the favour of publishing a ‘blurb’ about your book, but an in-person interview is so much more immediate and personal. Viewers will be able to make a personal connection with you and your book much more easily if your interview is published on YouTube. Unknown author? Not anymore! Your interview makes you a known quantity!
  1. Use it to boost your own marketing efforts

You’ve been savvy enough to use your social media pages to market your new book, but once again, images, especially moving images, are way more interesting than text for the average, hurried Facebook user. Once again, you get an opportunity to extend your reach through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that don’t cost you a cent.

  1. It’s a heck of a lot better odds than playing the lotto

A journalist recently compared the chances of winning the lotto to your chances of being hit by a meteorite, and found that a meteor strike was way more likely. But your YouTube video can lead you to fame, and you get to ‘doctor’ the odds by giving it all the publicity you can. If it catches on, you’ve set your feet neatly on the path to authorship fame.

Interested? You should be!

Compliment your marketing effort and boost your social media engagement with a professionally filmed, face-to-face interview. makes it happen. Get in touch with them and discover the power of YouTube for authors.

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Book Self-Publishing: Ottawa Offers International Writers Top Ten Advantages

21 Jan 2016

“Write the best story that you can and write it as straight as you can," said Ernest Hemingway to his friend F. Scott Fitzgerald. How do we know that he said these words? Only the person who writes down the words, the Scribe, knows what was actually and accurately said.  

The dream of a writer is first to find the path to self-awareness, and then fame and possibly fortune.   It is not enough for the writer to write.  The writer wants to expose his or her words to the outside world and to publish these words to as many people as possible.

Publishers have a long tradition of bringing knowledge, intellectual freedom and pure joy to all parts of the world.  However, today many publishers are inspired more by profit, through editorial control, than wisdom and have hampered this tradition.

It is not enough for a writer to have control over the words if there is no control over distribution.  The ideal publisher is the one that steps in the shoes of the writer, walking the same pathway, inspiring creativity. Is there a publisher that extols the words that writer’s write and will stay out of the way when it comes to editorial control?  If so, it is like finding a needle in the haystack.  

The Internet is a haystack, and the needle is Ottawa-based Agora Publishing is the writer’s publisher because a writer founded it. The writer’s publisher is the perfect match that inspires the best practices of both writing and publishing.

There are at least ten advantages to self-publishing with Agora Publishing.  

1.  The writer can choose any format to publish his material either in a blog or a standard book form unlike the restrictive traditional publishing house's policy on a format.

2.  Agora Publishing respects the creative process for there will be no editorial control over the content of the writer's manuscript that is frequent in the traditional publishing house.  

3.  Agora Publishing will ensure that the writer has complete design control over his book and can consult with Agora Publishing design experts.

4.  Agora Publishing will guide the writer through the self-publishing process and quickly take the just completed manuscript to market unlike the delay in the publication that is common in the traditional publishing house.

5.  Agora Publishing will make many copies of your new book at a print-on-demand cost, which dwarfs the price of the traditional publishing house.

6. The writer will have complete ownership of all the legal rights to his book unless the writer seeks the services of another publishing house.

7. Agora Publishing will ensure that the book will continue online marketing as long as the writer wants, unlike the traditional publishing house that markets the book for only a limited period.

8. The writer who self-publishes has a better opportunity to test the marketplace to determine the quality and marketability of his book as opposed to waiting for the traditional publishing house to decide whether the book is worthy to be published.

9.  Agora Publishing will ensure that the writer will own 100% of the profit and is paid much sooner than the traditional publishing house.

10.  Agora Publishing provides that the writer's book is marketed in all online markets internationally.

Agora Publishing will make the process of self-publishing a successful experience and the writer will find that total control of the creative process takes the mystery out of publication, replaced by the integrity and transparency of Agora Publishing.

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Self-Publishing: Top Ten Advantages to Get Website for Your New Book

21 Jan 2016

As book self-publishing keeps on becoming a very effective and efficient way through which an author gets his or her book out into the market as fast as possible, it has also become increasingly essential for such authors to also get a website for the book.

In this era of technological advancements, the use of the internet has taking precedence over the traditional way of getting information. Those days of having to wait for days without end just to get your book out are all over as the internet makes it all very easy and simple to go with self-publishing your own book.

As an author, your book needs a lot of things if it is ever going to attain the maximum popularity and patronage that it deserves. However, aside those that have to do with typesetting, layout designing and copy editing, the other very important thing is getting a website. The dawn of the ‘internet era’ has made websites the hottest cakes on the market these days. When you give your new book a website, you avail yourself to a whole new world of advantages as compared to other traditional means of getting your book on the market. Below are the top ten advantages to get a website for your new book;

1.       It is cost effective: A website makes it very easy for you as an author to get your work out on the market without having to pay so much which is the very case when you decide to go with the traditional publishing houses.

2.       It builds your audience: Giving your book a website will help your get a lot of people to know about it since majority of the world now relies heavily on the internet for most of their information.

3.       It improves our competence: Getting a website for your book also provides you with the chance to get people commenting on it and such comments go a long way in helping you to become a better writer.

4.       It exposes your work to the world: When people get the chance to read your book online, you indirectly maximise the demand for it in print. The moment publishing agencies detect that you have a large audience they are willing to go with your terms in order to become part of your work.

5.       It exposes you to the global market: With a website for your book, you are assured of getting people from all over the world interested in your book.

6.       It gives you control: Having a site for your book also ensures that all sales come directly into your pocket and not any traditional printing house.

7.       Unlimited shelf life for your book: Unlike the traditional printing houses where a book has a limited duration to be on the shelf, books that are published online can stay there for as long as the author wishes and never be worried about having it taking off.

8.       Search engine optimisation (SEO): A website for your book also ensures that it is placed on most of the popular search engines on the internet thereby helping to get it out from the closet and making it public. This means that provided your book is in its right genre, book buyers will find it very easy to locate through the use of search engines like Google.

9.       Exposure to professional critiquing: When you give your book a website, there is an increased possibility that you get to have your work critiqued by some of the best and professional authors out there. This is something that does not happen frequently with traditional publishing houses.

10.   Print on demand basis: When your book is placed online, you only print copies that are demanded by prospective buyers. This helps in eliminating the incidence of having you’re a large number of your book left without suitable buyers.

This are just ten of the many advantages that you stand to gain as an author when you give your book a website.

Although getting a website that is expertly designed and managed is a bit difficult nowadays, it is for this very reason that has made available its website development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services for all authors who wish to become recognised for their works. They have a team of professionally trained staff who are willing and ever ready to assist you get your website designed very professionally. At a book is always judged by its cover and as such the content of a website can be predicted by the design of that site.

Contact for quality website development and SEM services for your new book.

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Book Self-Publishing: Quality Typesetting is Vital

21 Jan 2016

Self-publishing offers many advantages to writers, such as independence during the creative process and the freedom to set up the price that you think it is worth your work. From the technical point of view, though, there are a couple of aspects that you cannot work on the run, but should be managed by professionals. This is the case, for instance of typesetting, an important element in the overall success of your book.

Regardless of your book support – online or print – the quality of the typesetting affects the success of the book. Definitely, the quality of the writing is very important, but a bad cover or improper typesetting choice can significantly affect the success. The typesetting is a very important stage of the book development process, and not just a simple technical operation everyone can learn to deal with. Rather, it can be considered an art that requires long years of practice and learning on the job.

If you do not have the time and availability to start learning yourself about typesetting, Agora Publishing is offering to writers from all over the world that precious assistance needed to make your books sold in more than 100 copies. Based in Canada, but with an international outreach, Agora Publishing has expertise in delivering various high-end services for writers, as well as a platform for confirmed and new authors. The domain covers are as diverse as environment, politics, economy or non-fiction, among others.

What is typesetting?

It is usually considered that typesetting represents for a book what the background music is for a film: you might not instantly notice it when it is almost perfect, but when it has important shortcomings it can create a dissonant note that affects negatively your own experience.
Once the design stage of your book is finished, the manuscript, accompanied by the specific design requirements, is becoming the main responsibility of the typesetter who is in charge with the choice of the text format and the illustrative material needed for preparing properly the book for the printing.

Since the Guttenberg printing revolution when typography was for the first time included as part of the editorial process, dramatic changes took place in the industry. At the beginning, for instance, typography was assigned the stages related to the design, while the typesetting was limited to the choice of the type of writing. Following the digital revolution of the last decades, other forms of type setting were introduced, and the process entered an online stage, especially due to the complex possibilities offered by the Desktop Publishing (DTP). New digital fonts were introduced, as well as laser printers using the Postscript programming language, or the mark-up languages of XML. The page layout changed dramatically and so did the typography, with new designs being introduced regularly. The standardization of all the world different alphabets diversified the area of possibilities covered by the typesetting services, opening the market to a variety of non-European publishers and published content.

A high-end professional layout makes the text clear and accessible, outlining the quality writing and style. The choice of the right fonts and the proper setting of a text on the page contribute significantly to the overall success of a book on various traditional or alternative markets. Although many authors may be tempted to use the freelance, low-priced services for typesetting needs, in reality there is a risk of working with someone that is not familiar with a specific book market. The guarantee of working with professionals is that you will delivered from the very beginning an integrate package of services that includes various recommendations that suit your work, Therefore, it must be taken into account the fact that for each market, and type of book, the typesetting differs. For instance, the layout of a children book may differ from the layout of a science or economics book. Some cultures may be more visual than the others and this difference is reflected in the preferences for specific typesetting.

It might not be always easy to find the right persons that can deliver high end services, but working with the professionals will always be in your advantage, saving a lot of time and additional costs.

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