Why A Well Developed Website Values

31 May 2018

The company's presence online is very important for every company. Today the virtual environment is a place to present the goods and services and to sell them. That is why the commercial companies should have a proper website developed.

There are numerous criteria that determine the quality of a website. To get a well-powered web platform, the company should order website development. You can contact web agency Toronto to get professional services.

The Right Structure Of The Web Platform

A high-quality commercial website should have a well-structured user-friendly interface. Here are the main characteristics of it:

  1. Properly explained services. The clients today do not want to spend too much time searching for information. They prefer to get important data quickly visiting the website. The company has to build the web platform that allows to find information about its services within several clicks. If the interface is not user-friendly, the visitors will probably just leave to search for a more comprehensive website.
  2. The easy-to-order services pages. The clients have to able to order the product or service within several minutes. That is why the order form has to be short and without additional questions. It is crucial to make sure the payment page does not lag; if the client finds out the payment page lags and the payment is not transferred, the client will leave for a more secure and flawless service.
  3. Interconnected pages for the retail websites. Big companies today use websites not only to sell their products. They also use it for B2B communication with partners. Many large corporations may use affiliate systems to ensure flow of clients. For such companies a platform is the heart of business. It has be organised in a logical manner.

Today, almost each company needs a website. A well-powered platform is one of the most valuable assets of the company.

Features Needed to Attract the Clients

The professionally powered site has the following features:

  1. It has unique design that corresponds to the field the company operates in, to the approach and style of the brand, follows the latest design trends, and is generally pleasant to the eye.
  2. A high quality website also looks great on all types of the devices. It looks well on laptop, smartphone or computer and the interface is equally responsive on all devices.
  3. If the website is not only for selling, but also for providing useful information on the topic to the users, it should be renewed on a regular basis to make sure the information is relevant and up to date.

These are the main features of the good website. If you decide to order the services of the web developers make sure to:

  1. consult a professional marketing expert to develop your brand, build a marketing strategy, ensure proper advertisement for website promotion, and develop a proper message to the customers.
  2. employ a professional designer and website developers to make a website both functional and beautiful at the same time.

The company has to understand what type of website it wants to get, and hire only experts to build a winning online platform for their business.

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Jason Manford accused of phone sex with single mum weeks before wedding

18 Jan 2018

Comedian Jason Manford has been accused of engaging in "sleazy" phone sex with a young woman—just five weeks before marrying Lucy Dyke on December 23.

According to The Sun, after his performance at Torquay's Babbacombe Theater on November 18, the single mother left him a gift plus her business card. Jason, 36, reportedly exchanged a series of sexually explicit messages, before making a 15-minute call to say "I'll be your naughty boy."

The report says that the father-of-four continued the conversation on Facebook Messenger, but on a more private version which encrypts conversations before deleting them.

The anonymous 30-year-old woman claimed that Manford complimented her after she told him she admired his hilarious stand-up routine, so much that she suffered "jawache" from laughter.

“Perfect. Love giving girls jawache, haha,” he allegedly replied.

When she also joked that he was always caught in sex scandal, Manford—who was removed from BBC's One Show for sending explicit messages on Twitter in 2010—replied:  “Always, every f***ing time. I mean literally, f***ing joke.”

“What the f*** am I doing? Why am I even ringing you?” she claims he said, before saying, “I’ve got wifi and everything, I could just totally get porn and happy days.”

He also reportedly accused her of being a 'flirt', and equally performing a solo sex act during the 15-minute chat.

The woman claims that he told her he wanted to have sex with her, inquiring if she'd like to visit his hotel room before confessing to  “chatting and w******” with lots of female fans.

Manford got married to his girlfriend Lucy in his hometown at Manchester’s Town Hall weeks later— in the midst of family and friends—jetting-off to Dubai afterwards for their honeymoon. The fan, who pled anonymity, claims she wasn't aware he was married.

“I follow his comedy but not his private life,” she told The Sun. “Then when I saw he had only just got married I was horrified.”

In 2010, while still married to ex-wife Catherine, Manford was at the center of a controversy that made him quit BBC's One Show after sending explicit messages to a Twitter fan.

He claimed she forgave him saying: “I am a good dad, a good husband. From now I am going to be one forever.”

However, he was caught sending sexual content to another fan on Facebook two years later.

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All About Claiming on the Wrongful Death

28 Mar 2018

The deaths that involve any form of accidents or intentional harm can be termed as Wrongful Death. In situations like that the deceased family member may file a lawsuit against the defendant. And, if there is strong evidence available against the defendant then the claim for such deaths may turn out to be lifelong imprisonment also. Well, over here the focus of study will be on the claims that can be made in Wrongful Death lawsuits. Also, you will get a compact study on which ground the claims can be made. Also, this will include who can claim such lawsuits on behalf of the deceased person.

What are the Grounds to Claim on any Wrongful Death?

Okay, now to prove that the decedent's death was wrongful you need to first of all present the ground with reasons that it was such so. For that here in a list and brief of some basis on which such claim can be made. Go through them and find out if your dear one’s death comes under any of this category or not.

· If the victim is intentionally killed like – domestic violence, molestation, rape, blackmail, etc then you can claim his/ her death to be wrongful.

· Also, if the victimised person has to surrender his /her life due to wrong medical practices. Well, the medical malpractice might be the case of a doctor, nurse, or the entire hospital or nursing home. Even the pharmaceutical company.

· A car accident or any form of road and vehicle accident can be the sole reason to claim for such mishaps.

· Also, death in the form of suicide can be presented as wrongful one. If the suicidal reasons are found like – occupational hazards, domestic violence, or any such then the claim can be made.

Who Can Claim the Lawsuit on Wrongful Death?

The decedent cannot return back and ask for his/ her premature death. The right to claim on behalf of the decedent is generally his/ her parents, guardians, spouse, siblings, children. In short, anybody who can prove to have some blood connection or strong societal connection can claim on behalf of the decedent. In case of minors, legal guardian or parents can claim for their minor’s sudden mishap.      

What is the Extent of the Wrongful Death Claim?

If presented a strong lawsuit against the defendant then the claim can be made really very strong. Here is a strong claiming list. Get a rough idea regarding what to claim.

· You may claim for punitive damages on the basis that the defendant must be afraid of the law before performing something similar the next time.

· The survival claim can be made where the defendant must compensate for the pre-death pain and sufferings of the decedent.

· You may also claim the pre-death medical costs and charges. This might also include the crematory and reverence charges.

· A compensatory claim can be made for the lost income of the family and also the daily household expenses and others that include kids educational expenses.



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What Every Beginner Should Know When Learning to Ride a Horse

10 Mar 2018

Horse riding is one of the progressively popular activities. This activity is very simple. In fact, anyone can easily learn it, old and young. If you are new in horse riding, then you might be astounded by all the opinions which are given below. Given below are certain facts and ideas which will help you in navigating your way towards the first step of horse riding. 

Do not leave your hand in the air:  While riding mostly beginner's end up their hand in the air which easily leaves the rein much too long. So they cannot properly control the horse. So they just need to work on the movement of the horse with their core and seat. They should require light and even focus on the rein and balance their hands at the hip level. While the horse pulls the rein, you need to readjust them. If you are following the direct reining, there should be an imaginary straight line which goes from your forearms, elbows, reins, hands, wrists and little bit in the horse's mouth. Whereas in case of neck reining, you need to take very slight tension while pulling the rein. But always balance your hand and keep it at the hip level and try to set your elbows at your side. You can check the position by watching online videos on TVG replays.

Do not allow your legs grip tightly: Horse riding is completely balanced rather than grip. Your body muscles need to be more active without being tense. Gripping and clenching will affect your body and make it tense which can further affect the attitude of your horse. So while you sit on the saddle allow your leg to hang from the hip. Let your body weight to fall on your heel. Always balance your foot with you and avoid your legs swing towards the front and back.

Do not push your feet inside the stirrups: first, you need to check the proper length of the stirrups. While your legs are hanging free with your feet which are out of stirrups, it should hit your ankle bone. So place your foot inside the stirrups so the ball part of your foot will easily rest inside the stirrup. Always follow proper leg position while riding.

Sit up straight and avoid slouching:  while riding always sit in a straight position because it is very hard to control a horse on slouching position and it also affects your balance. Do not squeeze your shoulder blades towards the back it can make you feel tense. So, always open up your breastbones and chest float upwards. You need to stay tension free and supple.

Shorten the reins and let it slide through your finger when required: Horse riding is a simple process of readjusting and rebalancing. During the horse pulls forward, when the horse sneezes, trips, and steps over something, in such case you need to learn how to use your hand to leave the rein more for the horse. Moreover, when you increase the speed, you need to shorten the rein because the horse lifts its head up slightly when it canters or trots or lopes. You can check the position by watching the race videos on TVG replays which are easily available through online.


Before you get on a horse, learn every required step and postures to enjoy your horse riding without facing any hassle.

Author Bio :Silvia Watson is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as technology, health, fashion, education, career, travel etc. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with https://www.tvg.com/




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How to Improve Essay Writing Skills in 30 Days

05 Mar 2018

Essay writing is a critical part of high-school, college and university education. While the extensive amount of courses are provided within the academic aimed to teach students how to write essays the most efficiently and submit them on time, lots of students still have similar problems with writing which affect their final grades drastically.

Step #1. Make an analysis

If you get not stellar grades for your essay writing assignments, it is triggered by the stable set of mistakes. You can even find out the ratio when analyzing your 5-10 recent papers. For example, 20% of reduction will be because of your grammatical omissions, 30% because of the formatting, 40% because of the failed logical structure and 10% for something else. If you spend 1-2 days for analysis, you will understand what your problems are and where you should start. It is exceptionally important to start from here, as without a profound analysis all your further actions might be close to useless.

Step #2. Make a list of priorities

We believe you’ve succeeded with the first step, and now you know which mistakes influence your grades the most. Here you should make a rather difficult choice, which we cannot make for you, but we can explain pros and cons. You can start with mistakes which steal the most substantial part of your final grades. This way you will deal with your biggest problem. However, it might take too much time, and it might be more beneficial to start with the smaller, simpler tasks which will still improve your scores. It is up to you to decide. If you are up to a challenge, choose the most substantial one, if it is hard for you normally to finish a task if its volume is somewhat scary, better start modestly and see how small wins will keep you going.

Step #3. Work on one problem at a time

Of course, we don’t mean that you should make grammar mistakes and not to care about it at all. Make everything to increase the quality of your final drafts, but at the same time, pay the utmost attention to the problem you want to deal with this particular week. For example, you have decided to work on formatting. You can spend a little less time on research but dig into the Purdue Owl manual for each and every point regarding how you should cite a source, how you should organize margins and tables. This approach will keep you focused. We also recommend you to write down the issues you check on most, as this short list of answers will be helpful in the future and will save you a significant amount of time.

Step #4. Write a blog post a day

Open a public blog about anything and write a post every day to update it. It might sound rather distracting and time-consuming, but in fact, it is a very good practice which can make your academic writing better than you’ve ever expected. The perspective of being publicly judged influences your subconsciousness, and you try to do your best, check on grammar rules and increase your passion for writing if you receive a positive response. While looking for topics, you will find out that the Internet is not limited to Facebook or Google, and maybe find databases useful for your academic writing. Don’t get under too much pressure with blogging and don’t try to write a novel each day of the challenge. However, the most important idea is to write every day, at least 5-10 sentences without skipping a day. This writing discipline will influence the way you think and will eliminate your possible fear of the blank document which should become an essay.

Step #5. Read everything you write aloud

This method is used by the real paper writers, bloggers and editors. Writing your text aloud (not whispering) gives you a completely different understanding of what is written, its style and its logical consequence. Remember that wordiness is not a virtue and if you stumble upon some exceptionally different words, and they are not terms which are necessary for the particular research paper, find the way to change them. If you lack air while reading a particularly long sentence, split it up. It is much easier to read papers in which each sentence expresses only one idea. The same concept should be applied towards abstracts and chapters.

As you could see, we didn’t advise you time-consuming or expensive options for improving your essay writing. The only problem with this list is that it is very difficult to follow it diligently, as it looks too boring and simple. Don’t get fooled by it, as we are absolutely sure that if you invest yourself and follow these tips, in a month your professor will be surprised with the development.

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Italy sets revenue record for online casinos

13 Feb 2018

The year 2018 started off with a bang for Italy’s regulated online gambling market, after recording double-digit sports betting profits, and in turn setting a new online casino record.

The statistics compiled by Italian gaming news agency Agimeg, reveals the total land-based and online sports betting revenue to be €150.5m in January, a 15.5% increase year-on-year. However, the online section of that total increased by 27.5% to €60.8m, dramatically overthrowing retail betting’s growth of 8.7%—especially with online outlets offering you everything you need to play.

The Italian site of UK operator Bet365, claimed top spot in the individual online sports betting operators, registering revenue of €10.1m, while Planetwin365, SKS365 Group’s brand followed closely behind with revenue of €8.5m. It was a closely fought battle between the rest of the top-five, with Snaitech earning €5.7m, Eurobet €5.1m, and Sisal €4.9m.

The online casino vertical set a new monthly revenue record with €59.7m, a huge 30.4% improvement over the same month last year. Local boys Lottomatica, however, claimed top individual honours, despite its 9.03% online casino market share being a mere whisker above The Stars Group’s PokerStars at 9.01%. Sisal had a 8.33% share while Eurobet had 7.23%, and GVC Holdings’ Bwin 5.91%, to round out the top-five.

Italy’s online poker market suffered another poor month, with tournament revenue declining by 1.1% to €8.7m, while cash games fell by 9.4% to €6.7m. PokerStars still maintained its dominance of both poker verticals, despite its tournament share declining by 10% year-on-year to 64.4%, while its cash games slice dropped seven points to 40.5%.

UK operator 888 Holdings, officially debuted its Italian-facing poker website, as Italy welcomed yet another new online poker entrant in January.  On the cash games chart, 888 ranked eighth with a 3.16% share, while its share of Italy’s tournament market also position at eighth with 1.26%.

During the time of 888’s Italian poker launch, Chief Operating Officer of 888, Itai Pazner, said his company was “following closely the developments” of Italy’s progress toward joining the poker liquidity deal which was agreed upon last summer by Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. 888 currently hold poker licenses in both Italy and Spain, and ranks second only to PokerStars in the Spanish market.

888poker IT joined 888’s successful casino and sports betting brands in Italy, which have already become increasingly popular.

"The Italian market fits with our strategy to expand 888’s presence in regulated markets and strengthens our position for the forthcoming pooling of players across selected European markets," Pazner explained.

"Following the success of our sports betting and casino products in the market, it was a natural step to offer our poker brand to our Italian customers so they can enjoy all three products, seamlessly and in one place."

In July 2017, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain penned down a cross-border agreement to permit licensed operators in their respective regulated online gambling markets to share poker liquidity. Last month, The Stars Group’s PokerStars brand’s French- and Spanish-licensed sites launched the first real actualization of this agreement.

However, comments made by  some Italian politicians and domestic gaming operators led to numerous speculations that Italy might be  having second thoughts about honouring its end of the liquidity commitments. Pier Paolo Baretta, Italy’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance with responsibility for gaming issues told Italian gaming news outlet GiocoNews that “the agreement will be respected.”

Baretta cited that “technical verification” of the liquidity sharing mechanism was still being carried out, but when the results of these verifications were presented to the government, “we will communicate them and then make a decision on it.”

While Italy’s timeline is still quite unclear, Italian politicians such as Barreta have come forward to give assurances of its actualization.

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How to determine which casino bonuses are the best

13 Feb 2018

Casino bonuses can be an amazing incentive for casino players while gaming, but determining which deal is suitable for you is quite dependent on factors such as playing experience, and the numerous terms and conditions of the bonus. Some of these bonuses are bound to expire after a given date, so it's usually necessary to carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up.

However, to expertly determine which bonuses would be most beneficial, it is important to look out for these popular types of casino bonuses that are frequently available to attract new players in—whether you're playing online or inside a grand casino. Studying them carefully would help players discover which bonuses fits best—especially if you play numerous games and maybe want to find the best place to play roulette.

No-deposit bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are getting increasingly popular in online casinos. This type of bonus entails that the casino is willing to offer you free chips or currency—depending on what the trade option is—to place a bet with just for registering. This bonus doesn't require you to deposit any real money.

This deposit bonus can be used to play games with the online casino, and if you're lucky and generate some winnings with that bonus, you permitted to cash it out. However, it's important to note that some casinos may have other wagering requirements that must be met before cashing out. The terms and conditions would always cover all of these rules, and can be quite strict for all bonus type.

The no-deposit bonus type is particularly suitable for new players and those who are seeking to join a new casino regardless of play style.

Registration Bonuses

The registration bonuses are quite similar to no-deposit bonuses in that you'll be offered some cash to play with upon registering a new account.

These are also the same in terms of the currency you’re allowed to receive and the restrictions placed on them—such as not being able to cash out the bonus amount. However, unlike the no-deposit bonus, a registration bonus does require you to make a deposit.

This bonus type is equally suitable for new players and those who are seeking to join a new casino.

Free Money Offerings

This free-money-offerings bonus type is usually applicable to only existing customers once certain conditions are met. The requirements for these bonuses typically includes factors such as being an existing never for a given period of time, or acquiring a specific total deposit amount.

Let's say you deposited $1,000, a casino may decide to give you a free money offering of $200—depending on their terms and conditions. This extra offering can be used to play games, but it most cases cannot be withdrawn.

This bonus type is suitable for players regardless of their playing style, but only applies to loyal customers or those willing to make bigger deposits.

Referral Deals

Just as the name implies, a referral deal bonus is applicable when a player refers a friend to the online casino. Though, there's usually a lot more involved than just convincing an acquaintance to join a specific online casino.

There are quite a number of casinos that require whoever you refer to sign up and earn a minimum deposit amount before your account can be rewarded with the bonus.

However, this bonus type is suitable for any type of player, regardless of their preferred games or years of experience. As long as you have a friend who's interested in online casinos, the referral bonus deal is for you.

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How to Use Instagram for Promoting Your Business Online?

19 Jan 2018

When it comes to promoting your business online, then offline marketing techniques have no uses. Online marketing is entirely different from the traditional concept. There are several ways for marketing your products online, and Instagram is just one of the methods you can use for quick and easy success. However, always remember just as it is the case for any other kind of marketing, here also you need to have patience and follow the right strategies to get the ultimate results. In the following section, we will discuss some facts related to Instagram for marketing your e-commerce business.

Spread your brand with unique quotes

Everyone loves to read inspirational quotes. Well, a quotation is something which will remind people about your product. Quotes can also be reposted. You can include your tag that links the followers with your Instagram profile. These quotes can be motivational, funny or anything. It also works well if you can come up with a theme for the quotation. It keeps things consistent. People will easily be able to associate the theme with the product you are selling.

You can also use an image and go with typography or use any software for editing, and setting up square PX canvas to play with the colors, font, icon and shape options.

Gaining followers

Getting genuine and real Instagram followersis not a joke, and there are several strategies that you need to follow to reach the peak point. Without enough followers, you will not be able to promote your business. You can also take help from Instagram influencers to get followers easily and quickly.

Connecting Instagram with social media platforms

If you connect Facebook and Twitter with your Instagram account, it will help to draw the attention of people towards your Instagram profile. Instead of just posting the same picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook separately, you can directly post it on Instagram and share the same through the other social media networking sites. In this way, interested customers can follow you by clicking on the link. The option of sharing is available in the last step of the uploading process. Here, you can also give your caption as per your choice.

You should not repost every picture. Always remember Facebook is not a microblogging tool like Instagram which is designed to enable people to update their followers continually about daily life happenings through imagery.

Using hashtags

If you are using hashtags while posting your pictures and contents, then it will help you to get quick traffic and followers. It allows tagging phrases as well as words to convert into searchable links. When users click on these links, then the posts using the same hashtags will be reflected on the screen.

Author bio:Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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The Three Most Used Devices to Read eBooks Today

21 Sep 2017

Despite what some cynical individuals claim, people still read - and they read a lot. Television and the internet haven't achieved what it was predicted to do, to turn away people from books toward an easier to digest form of consuming information. Written word still has more than enough fans all over the world to keep the publishing industry alive and well, even if the formats in which books are read have changed quite a lot recently. So, let's take a look at what the most popular devices are among those still reading books (the majority).

1. Printed books

Even though electronic publishing is far more convenient and cost-effective for the publisher, printed books are not going out of style. Moreover, after a period of decline, printed book sales have started to grow, at the same time having a detrimental effect on the sales of eBooks. This is a trend that's been observed for a couple of years - the UK's Publishers Association has observed a rise in printed book sales and a fall in eBook sales in 2015.

The rise in the sale of printed books is attributed especially to younger generations, aged between 16 and 24. One of the most popular reasons for choosing a printed book was the experience of actually holding a book as opposed to reading it on a screen.

Ink and paper still remain the most popular "device" to read a book today.

2. Smartphones and tablets

There's an ongoing debate among users of smartphones and dedicated e-readers on which device is better for reading a book. On one hand, smartphones and tablets can do way more than their opponents, ranging from browsing the web, playing games at Canadian casinos online, updating social media, and their likes.

Yet there's no way to assess the real numbers, as most smartphones support some digital publication formats to some extent. But there's one thing that indicates that smartphones and tablets are more popular for reading than dedicated e-readers: Amazon often releases new features for its Apple and Android Kindle app than for its own dedicated Kindle product.

3. E-readers

E-readers are certainly a niche product, and they have been from their beginnings. They have a lot of advantages - their E-Ink screen, looking similar to real ink on paper, is certainly one of them. E-readers are easier on the eyes, they offer a more natural reading experience, they have a far longer battery life than smartphones and tablets, and come with no distractions from reading, like emails, texts, and other notifications.

Still, e-readers are slowly becoming extinct. According to Statista, e-reader sales were at their peak in 2011, with over 23 million units sold, but declined rapidly in the coming years, reaching just 7.1 million last year.

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How to Get Your Book Noticed by More People

08 Jul 2017

Are you in the process of writing your own book or have you already created a potential best seller? Once you have written your book, you then need to figure out how to get the attention of the right people and market your book to potential publishers and also your readers.

Let’s have a look at a few ways of doing that.

Use a Book Distribution Company

The first question is are you going to do all of the promotion yourself? Many people do but it is very tough to differentiate yourself and be heard over and above all the other thousands of books that there are out there. This is especially true for first time authors.Many authors choose to work with a book distribution company as well as doing their own promotion to maximise their chances.

Book distribution companies obviously have huge experience of marketing books and so can help get your books seen and read by influential people but even with their experience there are no guarantees. To find out if your book would be of interest to a book distribution company you need to submit a straightforward application and then will come back to you. Obviously they get deluged with applications and so it is usually a good idea to apply to a number as the odds of any one company taking you on are pretty small.

Social Media

You will need to build some kind of social media presence if you want to reach a wider audience, even if you don’t have one currently. You will also need to make sure you keep these social accounts secure.

This will allow you to tell people about your book and what you are up to. It will also allow you to interact with readers and potential readers.

Social media is a very potent way to build the word of mouth reputation of your book. Chatting with your fans will only increase their enthusiasm and encourage them to recommend your work to their friends and family. This is very easily done over social media.

By being where they are and interacting with them there, you’ll make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to recommend your work to others.

As a minimum you need to think about having a Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once you have these you then need to make a point of being active on them and joining in conversations. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at the groups for authors and also book clubs.

If you’re not sure where to start with this ask a friend. In every social circle there is at least one person that is addicted Twitter and Facebook. Buy them a drink and pick their brain on how to do it.

Paid social media advertising is another option if you want to let other social media users know about your new book. You could create a sponsored post about your new book or simply create a basic ad that features your book’s cover. Placing these types of ads is relatively easy and affordable, with many paid social media platforms allowing you to create extremely targeted ads that will only appear in front of the people most likely to be interested in your book.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth isn’t just about social media. Your challenge is to ensure that as many people know about your book. You need to go beyond speaking to your family and friends about your book. Attending conferences, meetings, literary festivals and the like where people who may be interested in your book meet up is an effective way to introduce people to your book and to start getting it into people’s hands.Think about approaching local bookstores to see if they will allow you to do a book signing. Many are more than happy to if you show them that you will do the work of promoting the signing for them. This will bring them potential customers.

When you approach them if you show them a poster and leaflets that you’ve already produced they are far more likely to feel that you are serious and agree. If you don’t know how either find a freelancer to do the work for you or learn how to do so yourself, it will probably be cheaper if you plan to do a few of these. There are plenty of training companies that can show you how to do this in a day or two.

Publish Your Book in Multiple Formats

Don’t limit your audience by limiting your formats.

Lots of people love reading on a digital reader but physical books are still very popular.

Cater for as many people as possible, by publishing your book in as many formats as possible. Publishing both physically (hardback and paperback) as well as across different e-reader platforms will let you hit as big an audience as possible.

A mobile app featuring your book can also be a great way to get your book out there. Lots of people read books on their mobile phone these days.

Create a Website

If you want to become a serious author and you intend to write more books in the future, you should consider developing your own website. As a minimum it will introduce you, your book, and include a blog that you can use to update people on your books and where they can find you.

If you set up a website it is now very easy to start a newsletter by capturing email addresses for people that visit your site. This will then allow you to communicate with your readers and other people interested in your work directly in future. This can be a great way to get the ball rolling when you are launching future books.

It can be expensive to set up your website for sales and to organise fulfilment so many authors link to the relevant page on Amazon as they handle payments and fulfilment so simply. Setting up a simple website can take as little as 30 minutes if you use a service like this.

Use Online Video

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. Video is a very powerful way to communicate with people online. As part of your strategy to reach more people, you should seriously consider creating promotional videos about yourself and your work. These can be posted for free on YouTube.

You may have written the best book ever, but if other people don't know about it, it won't get the recognition or rewards it deserves. Writing a great book is only part of the puzzle, marketing it is the other key piece hopefully these tips will help you get that right.

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