What Top-Selling Self-Published Authors Do To Make Sales


As many authors will tell you, writing the book is only the first step. Because the marketing is what really counts when it comes to selling your first self-published book. And it is never wise to go it alone. Because if you don’t get some kind of help to market your book, you may think that your book isn’t good enough for people to read. And this is usually not the case.

Usually what happens is that enough people haven’t seen your book in enough legitimate places to realize that they would not only enjoy reading it but also recommend it to their friends. So let’s look at some ways successful self-published authors market their books to make more sales.

Top-Selling Authors Will Continually Network On Social Media

You may think that people will simply discover your writing and deem it to be brilliant, but this is rarely the case. People have to be exposed to your book titles over and over again before they buy them. Think about it this way: how many times do you have to see a television commercial before you actually go to the store and buy the product? Many, many times. And when you finally see the product in the store, you buy it, but only because at this point you have been exposed to the advertising so many times you are comfortable with the purchase. Book sales work the same way.

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Top-Selling Authors Listen To Feedback From People Who Buy Books

Did you know that these days, with the technology of self-publishing, many books are actually offered as “order-on-demand?” This means that your book isn’t printed until someone orders it. But what this really means is that you can change the content of the book very easily. You can even change things like the title. And most printing houses will let you change it at any time online. So if a book isn’t selling, the top self-publishing authors will listen to their reader feedback and change the book to suit their needs.

Top-Selling Authors Communicate With Other Writers In The Same Field

Many newly self-published authors communicate with their fans and supporters through social media, which is a positive thing to do. However, what they overlook is that they should also be communicating with other authors in their same genre. These other self-published authors have gone through the same thing as you have and they can be an invaluable source of information and support if you are a newly self-published author. They can also read your book and then recommend it to their own buyers, which may give you the boost you need to start your writing career.

Top-Selling Authors Write Books That Go In A Series.

Top-selling authors are always looking ahead. And they know that you can’t make any money by just writing one book. You have to write many books. But you can’t just start over every single time you want to make money from writing and selling books. Top-selling writers know that it is much easier to pick a common theme for all of their books and then get name recognition for a specific topic or genre. This makes the writing go much faster - and the book sales as well. 

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