Technology Boosts Online Casino World

10 Mar 2017

Since its evolution back in the year 1995, the online casino industry has established rapidly and is reported to be a $100 - billion dollars’ industry at present. As reported by several gambling commissions throughout the world, in the recent years, the profits of brick and mortar casinos have deteriorated immensely. At the same time, the craze of online gambling is spreading far and wide with online casinos using new technologies such as Location Gambling, Big Data and Virtual Reality Casinos to provide an enhanced user experience. This, in turn, has changed the way the online casino world used to function before.

 Location Gambling and its Effect on Online Casino World

 These new technologies have enabled the users to have much more entertainment while playing online casino games. The popularity of smartphones and advent of mobile casinos are the major reasons attributed to the expansion of this market. With the location gambling, the casinos are now able to track the user’s location and therefore provide a greater real-time experience. Players can now connect with other players which make the games more competitive and challenging and therefore more fun to play.

 According to the CEO of a big online casino firm, “The mobiles have changed the way this industry used to function earlier. No one steps out of the house without a phone, hence you may find people playing at online casinos almost everywhere while waiting to board a train or fighting some boredom from the comfort of their couches.”

 Big Data Mining – More Power to the Gamblers

 The immense computing power of Big Data has empowered the gamblers across the world including Canada. Users can now track their statistics on online casino websites, thereby improving and increasing their chances of winning. All the more, some Canadian online casinos help the users by providing more information, therefore enabling them to strategize more efficiently.

 A senior official at an online casino company reports, “Mobile gaming is much more addictive than playing at a real casino. Here, the informed players are able to read the additional information provided only in online casino gaming and use it to make informed decisions to play more games.”

 Virtual and Augmented Reality

 The advent of virtual and augmented reality has added a completely new face to this industry. The ability to play their favourite online casino games coupled with the chance to interact with other players with the help of a headset and a microphone has taken this entertainment industry to a whole new level.

 But, every coin has two sides. With the benefits, there might be so downsides as well. Is this so much of new technology too much excessive? The ease of playing on mobile phones has a potential to make the people much more addicted to gambling as compared to the earlier times. What will happen in the future, only time will tell? But for now, this technology has certainly added a whole new dimension to a gambling experience.