How to Get Your Book Noticed by More People

08 Jul 2017

Are you in the process of writing your own book or have you already created a potential best seller? Once you have written your book, you then need to figure out how to get the attention of the right people and market your book to potential publishers and also your readers.

Let’s have a look at a few ways of doing that.

Use a Book Distribution Company

The first question is are you going to do all of the promotion yourself? Many people do but it is very tough to differentiate yourself and be heard over and above all the other thousands of books that there are out there. This is especially true for first time authors.Many authors choose to work with a book distribution company as well as doing their own promotion to maximise their chances.

Book distribution companies obviously have huge experience of marketing books and so can help get your books seen and read by influential people but even with their experience there are no guarantees. To find out if your book would be of interest to a book distribution company you need to submit a straightforward application and then will come back to you. Obviously they get deluged with applications and so it is usually a good idea to apply to a number as the odds of any one company taking you on are pretty small.

Social Media

You will need to build some kind of social media presence if you want to reach a wider audience, even if you don’t have one currently. You will also need to make sure you keep these social accounts secure.

This will allow you to tell people about your book and what you are up to. It will also allow you to interact with readers and potential readers.

Social media is a very potent way to build the word of mouth reputation of your book. Chatting with your fans will only increase their enthusiasm and encourage them to recommend your work to their friends and family. This is very easily done over social media.

By being where they are and interacting with them there, you’ll make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to recommend your work to others.

As a minimum you need to think about having a Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once you have these you then need to make a point of being active on them and joining in conversations. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at the groups for authors and also book clubs.

If you’re not sure where to start with this ask a friend. In every social circle there is at least one person that is addicted Twitter and Facebook. Buy them a drink and pick their brain on how to do it.

Paid social media advertising is another option if you want to let other social media users know about your new book. You could create a sponsored post about your new book or simply create a basic ad that features your book’s cover. Placing these types of ads is relatively easy and affordable, with many paid social media platforms allowing you to create extremely targeted ads that will only appear in front of the people most likely to be interested in your book.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth isn’t just about social media. Your challenge is to ensure that as many people know about your book. You need to go beyond speaking to your family and friends about your book. Attending conferences, meetings, literary festivals and the like where people who may be interested in your book meet up is an effective way to introduce people to your book and to start getting it into people’s hands.Think about approaching local bookstores to see if they will allow you to do a book signing. Many are more than happy to if you show them that you will do the work of promoting the signing for them. This will bring them potential customers.

When you approach them if you show them a poster and leaflets that you’ve already produced they are far more likely to feel that you are serious and agree. If you don’t know how either find a freelancer to do the work for you or learn how to do so yourself, it will probably be cheaper if you plan to do a few of these. There are plenty of training companies that can show you how to do this in a day or two.

Publish Your Book in Multiple Formats

Don’t limit your audience by limiting your formats.

Lots of people love reading on a digital reader but physical books are still very popular.

Cater for as many people as possible, by publishing your book in as many formats as possible. Publishing both physically (hardback and paperback) as well as across different e-reader platforms will let you hit as big an audience as possible.

A mobile app featuring your book can also be a great way to get your book out there. Lots of people read books on their mobile phone these days.

Create a Website

If you want to become a serious author and you intend to write more books in the future, you should consider developing your own website. As a minimum it will introduce you, your book, and include a blog that you can use to update people on your books and where they can find you.

If you set up a website it is now very easy to start a newsletter by capturing email addresses for people that visit your site. This will then allow you to communicate with your readers and other people interested in your work directly in future. This can be a great way to get the ball rolling when you are launching future books.

It can be expensive to set up your website for sales and to organise fulfilment so many authors link to the relevant page on Amazon as they handle payments and fulfilment so simply. Setting up a simple website can take as little as 30 minutes if you use a service like this.

Use Online Video

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. Video is a very powerful way to communicate with people online. As part of your strategy to reach more people, you should seriously consider creating promotional videos about yourself and your work. These can be posted for free on YouTube.

You may have written the best book ever, but if other people don't know about it, it won't get the recognition or rewards it deserves. Writing a great book is only part of the puzzle, marketing it is the other key piece hopefully these tips will help you get that right.