How to determine which casino bonuses are the best

13 Feb 2018

Casino bonuses can be an amazing incentive for casino players while gaming, but determining which deal is suitable for you is quite dependent on factors such as playing experience, and the numerous terms and conditions of the bonus. Some of these bonuses are bound to expire after a given date, so it's usually necessary to carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up.

However, to expertly determine which bonuses would be most beneficial, it is important to look out for these popular types of casino bonuses that are frequently available to attract new players in—whether you're playing online or inside a grand casino. Studying them carefully would help players discover which bonuses fits best—especially if you play numerous games and maybe want to find the best place to play roulette.

No-deposit bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are getting increasingly popular in online casinos. This type of bonus entails that the casino is willing to offer you free chips or currency—depending on what the trade option is—to place a bet with just for registering. This bonus doesn't require you to deposit any real money.

This deposit bonus can be used to play games with the online casino, and if you're lucky and generate some winnings with that bonus, you permitted to cash it out. However, it's important to note that some casinos may have other wagering requirements that must be met before cashing out. The terms and conditions would always cover all of these rules, and can be quite strict for all bonus type.

The no-deposit bonus type is particularly suitable for new players and those who are seeking to join a new casino regardless of play style.

Registration Bonuses

The registration bonuses are quite similar to no-deposit bonuses in that you'll be offered some cash to play with upon registering a new account.

These are also the same in terms of the currency you’re allowed to receive and the restrictions placed on them—such as not being able to cash out the bonus amount. However, unlike the no-deposit bonus, a registration bonus does require you to make a deposit.

This bonus type is equally suitable for new players and those who are seeking to join a new casino.

Free Money Offerings

This free-money-offerings bonus type is usually applicable to only existing customers once certain conditions are met. The requirements for these bonuses typically includes factors such as being an existing never for a given period of time, or acquiring a specific total deposit amount.

Let's say you deposited $1,000, a casino may decide to give you a free money offering of $200—depending on their terms and conditions. This extra offering can be used to play games, but it most cases cannot be withdrawn.

This bonus type is suitable for players regardless of their playing style, but only applies to loyal customers or those willing to make bigger deposits.

Referral Deals

Just as the name implies, a referral deal bonus is applicable when a player refers a friend to the online casino. Though, there's usually a lot more involved than just convincing an acquaintance to join a specific online casino.

There are quite a number of casinos that require whoever you refer to sign up and earn a minimum deposit amount before your account can be rewarded with the bonus.

However, this bonus type is suitable for any type of player, regardless of their preferred games or years of experience. As long as you have a friend who's interested in online casinos, the referral bonus deal is for you.