Every Author Needs a Muse – Here’s How to Find Your Inspiration

08 Jul 2018

Whether you are a published author who has hit a dry spell or are a new author with an idea you want to develop, the one thing which is common among all writers is the need for inspiration. That is exactly what a muse is. While some still hold to the nine muses of Greek mythology as their sources of inspiration, a muse can simply be viewed as that which inspires us.

It could be anything from a tragic love story you’ve just read (other authors) to a magnificent sunset you are now viewing. If it inspires you, it’s your muse. However, what if you just can’t find that source of inspiration? Here are a few suggestions which might set you on the path to finding your own muse.

An Awareness That Goes Beyond the Traditional Five Senses

Many people find that they are inspired by the senses. Perhaps a scented book lovers candle from Frostbeard Studio which has the fragrance of old books in a library might set you in a literary mood. Other people find that something they touch, see, hear or taste put them in a creative frame of mind.

Then there are those who don’t hold to the traditional five senses theory. Many people, especially creatives and mystics, believe that there are at least 21 senses which can inspire us. These include such things as:

  • Love
  • Temperature
  • Pain
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Frustration
  • Fear
  • Sadness

And, so forth. It could be said that pain and temperature fall within the touch (somatosensorial) sense, unless, of course, you are speaking of emotions. If you are looking for your muse, you may want to go beyond the traditional five senses to find yours.

What Inspired You in the Past?

If none of the above sparks a creative flame in you, you might want to do a bit of reflection. Find that quiet place within yourself and look back to a time when you were inspired by something. It could be that glorious sunset mentioned above or it could be something more dramatic. If some event or some person inspired you to put pen to paper (metaphorically that is) in the past, perhaps you could call upon that same muse once again.

People Who Have Inspired You

Everyone has encountered at least one person in life who was a source of inspiration. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily need to be someone who inspired you to be creative, but rather someone who inspired you to reach beyond your current limitations.A muse, after all, is anything or anyone that inspires you to be creative.

From sitting in a candlelit spa to sitting by the ocean listening to the waters lap up at the shore, find anything that puts you in a reflective yet creative frame of mine. Once you have learned to find your muse you can also learn to find different sources of inspiration to suit your needs at any given time. Every author needs a muse, don’t they? It’s time you learned how to find yours!