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Ottawa Book Self-Publishing Made Easy

Are you a writer based in Ottawa seeking to self-publish your book? AgoraPublishing.com makes the whole process of self-publishing your book very easy and cost-effective. Although there are so many book self-publishing agencies out there, AgoraPublishing.com simply offers you the best services wh ...


University Professors Get Book Self-Publishing Alternative

It is an open knowledge that as a professor in any University, you are expected to pass through the various bureaucratic processes in order to get your book published at the University Printing Press. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process that can even discourage you from going ahead ...


University of Toronto Professors Get Book Self-Publishing Boost

Are you a Toronto University Professor seeking to publish your own book without having to endure the difficulties involved in going to the university printing press? AgoraPublishing.com presents you with their book self-publishing services that have seen a lot of writers succeed with their self- ...


Toronto Writers Get Book Self-Publishing Alternative

The internet has made it possible for writers to access book self-publishing services provided by agencies like CreateSpace. However, most of these services being rendered by CreateSpace do lack quality control which makes it simple impossible for these writers to achieve the targets that they s ...


Book Self-Publishing - Top 5 Ways AgoraPublishing.com Is Better Than Create Space for Writers

Agora Publishing isan Ontario based self publishing company that seeks to make the processmore accessible to Canadian and international authors. They are a notfor profit company and are a charity focused book distributor. Amazon'sservice, CreateSpace, is a well known giant but there are many benefit ...


Book Tutoring: Learn to Self-Publishing Via Skype

AgoraPublishing.com tutors writers on how to transform their manuscript into a potential bestseller. All that you need in order to get provided with the tutoring services of AgoraPublishing.com is access to Skype. Don't settle for the typical poor quality that many writers who use CreateSpace an ...


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