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Book Self-Publishing Relies on Quality Typesetting

A lot of unsavoury articles and blogs have been written about the problems that one stands to encounter when he or she decides to go with self-publishing of his or her own books. However, contrary to the various negative claims made against book self-publishing, AgoraPublishing.com has been pro ...


Tips and Tricks: How to Get Essays Published Online

Publishing can be a daunting task. To publish online or in print you need a professional looking cover, a well-edited manuscript, and a marketing platform. Going through a traditional publishing house works for some but not all. Ideally, you would publish your work online and offer print copies f ...


Ottawa Writers Go Local with Book Publisher

When it comes to the publishing of a book, self-publishing has now gained an upper hand over the traditional approach of publishing that is done in brick and mortar publishing houses. However, the emergence of various low standard book self-publishing agencies has made it very difficult for writ ...


New York City Writers: Book Publisher Offers Professional Typesetting

One major problem that has been very consistent with most writers that seek to self-publish their own books is the low quality typesetting services provided by certain self-publishing agencies. The typesetting of your book has a direct bearing on how successful it will be when it finally gets re ...


Montreal Writers: Book Publisher Expands to Quebec

For some time now, writers based in Montreal have had to cope with the services of book self-publishing agencies around which have indirectly affected the marketability of books published by writers from Montreal. However, that situation has come to an end as the well-know book self-publishing a ...


Charlottetown: Book Publisher Expands into PEI

AgoraPublishing.com which has been rendering high quality book self-publishing services to both the new and experienced writers all over major cities in Canada is now within your reach. They have now expanded their services to Charlottetown. This is therefore good news for all writers located wi ...


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