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Book Self-Publishing: Independent Writers Get Distribution Support

As an independent writer there are a lot of obstacles that you will face in your quest to self publish your books. High on the list of obstacles facing writers is the problem of acquiring the best distribution support. There are however agencies whose main task is to see to it that a writer gets ...


Book Self-Publishing: Writers Often Ignore Typesetting To Their Sales Peril

The internet has helped to facilitate a book self-publishing revolution.  Unfortunately 99% of writers who seek to self-publish will end up with obviously "amateur-looking" self-published books which don't have quality typesetting and layout.  Such books will not be eligible ...


Book Self-Publishing: Marketing Books Gets YouTube Boost

If you’re a new writer, you know that your book isn’t going to sell thanks to your name alone. If you’re JK Rowling, on the other hand, your book will sell just because your name’s on the cover! And as if that weren’t enough, big-name authors will get press coverage, ra ...


Book Self-Publishing: Top 5 Reasons Authors Can Get Boost from YouTube

Authors, even established authors, simply aren’t making enough use of the electronic media at their disposal for marketing books. AgoraPublishing.com has identified this marketing gap and has begun to offer a service that allows authors to reach their audience with a professionally conducted Y ...


Book Self-Publishing: Ottawa Offers International Writers Top Ten Advantages

“Write the best story that you can and write it as straight as you can," said Ernest Hemingway to his friend F. Scott Fitzgerald. How do we know that he said these words? Only the person who writes down the words, the Scribe, knows what was actually and accurately said.  The drea ...


Self-Publishing: Top Ten Advantages to Get Website for Your New Book

As book self-publishing keeps on becoming a very effective and efficient way through which an author gets his or her book out into the market as fast as possible, it has also become increasingly essential for such authors to also get a website for the book. In this era of technological advancem ...


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